The Best Pop Up Tent of 2017

Who has time these days to pitch a tent? Answer: no one! It's with sentiment in mind that we've come up with the best pop up tent of 2017. We've reviewed 35 pop up tents from large to small, wide to narrow to give you the best of the best. Enjoy your new pop up tent!

35. Kids Pink Pop Up Play House Tent by GreEco

The GreEco Kids Pop Up Tent is the ideal pop up tent product for your little ones who are ages 3 and up. What makes this pop-up tent for children stand out more so than other pop up tents on the market is clear. It is because this pop-up tent is designed with both indoor and outdoor childs play in mind. It has a soft and durable material, is lightweight, and can be stored away very easily. It's truly a great pop up tent choice for kids out there!

34. Genji Sun Shelter Park and Beach Pop Up Tent

What makes the Genji Instant Up Pop Up Park and Beach Sun Shelter Tent so great is clear. It is all about it being able to be popped up in just 2 seconds and to be taken down in only a matter of 5 seconds maximum. This tent is ideal for lots of outside adventure and fun. It is also lightweight, easy to tote around, and comes with stakes and a carrying bag. This pop-up tent is one that is should be the first choice for many hiking enthusiasts out there.

33. 4 Person Sundome Camping Tent by Coleman

The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent is another fine example of a tent that is high quality and a top of the line camping product. What makes the Sundome stand out is this. It is all about it being a customized type of tent that you pick for yourself. What does this mean? It means that you are able to personalize your own tent design and tent setup. It gets no more personal than that. It is also 33% more water resistant than a standard Coleman tent. 

32. 3 Person Instant Dome Camping Tent with Waterproofing and UV Protection by Ohuhu

The Ohuhu Instant Dome Tent is a tent that is all about being fast and easy to setup. It only takes about a few seconds to get it setup completely. What this tent can do is lots of amazing things and that all works for convenience sake whenever out camping or exploring the outdoors in some way. It is also a tent that is waterproof, has a UV protected design, and has excellent ventilation as well.

31. Backpacking Hybrid Compact Canopy Tent by Quick Shade 

The Quik Shade GO Hybrid Compact Slant Leg Backpack Canopy is another excellent outdoors product. Why is that? It is because the Quik Shade Canopy is very quick to get you the required sunshade that you need right away from the intense glare and heat of the sun itself. What makes this canopy awesome isn't just about its huge size of 7X7 feet at the base with 36 square feet of shade in between. It also has a fabric top that is 6X6 as well. It's also very sturdy, lightweight construction, and is made from a type of powder-coated steel that is corrosion resistant.

30. Blue Pop Up UV Beach Tent by PortableFun

The PortableFun Pop Up UV Beach Tent is every inch a fine tent product. What makes the PortableFun Pop Up Tent so great is clear. It is the fact that it doesn't require any assembling at all. The tent has the amazing ability to pop up on its own, once it is removed from its carrying case, and that does indeed make for true fun that is about as portable as it does get. It also has a special silver coated fabric around the full coverage itself. What this material does is to ensure that the entire coverage is totally free of any Anti-UV effects. It's definitely among the top pop up tents choices out there.

29. Pop Up Outdoor Backpacking Sun Shelter Tent by YOBOKO

The YOBOKO Large Outdoor Pop Up Beach Tent is a tent that anyone would prove to call their own. Why is that? It is because the YOBOKO is all about high quality personified. The high quality extends from the very fabric of this great tent to other areas as well. It is indeed the total package from a dependable tent aspect that many do demand in these outdoor products.

28. 4 Person Dome Pop Up Tent by FiveJoy

What makes the FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Dome Tent such an ideal purchase is clear. It is all about its very easy and totally stress-free setup. There is no other tent that can do what this tent can do and that is a good thing. It isn't a tent that requires any assembling at all. It completely pops up straight out of its packaging. It also is capable of being easily folded up and stored, just as fast as, it is setup.

27. Instant Pop Up Beach Cabana Tent by G4Free

The G4Free Instant Pop Up Beach Cabana Tent was perfect for all sorts of outdoor adventures. Some of these outdoor adventures do include everything from hikes to picnics to camping to fishing to beyond. It was the perfect tent in every way. It wasn't just of high quality, it was lightweight, easy to carry, and it waterproof. It also has excellent UV protection and totally portable automatic setup.

26. Blue Pop Up Cabana Tent with Sun Shelter by ICorer

The iCorer Automatic Pop Up Tent has an innovative design and is all the things that a top of the line tent should be in the definition. It is every inch a pop-up tent that is all about ease of use in every sense of the word. If you want a pop-up tent, which requires no assembly at all and is easy to take down, this is the one choice. It has a patented structure that pops up, as well as, down in just a matter of a few seconds. It has wonderful UV protection and all of the other things a fine tent should have.

25. Lucky Bums Portable Pop Up Tent

The Lucky Bums Quick Portable Camp Tent is a perfectly adaptable tent for both indoor and outdoor usage on all fronts. It is every inch ideal for setting up in the backyard to gaze at the night sky full of stars or to just sit up in the living room for a kid's playtime fun. It is also compact, lightweight, and permits a comfortable sleep for two children or for multiple youngsters to sit in to have a good time.

24. Ylovetoys Portable Pop Up Outdoors Cabin Tent

Ylovetoys Outdoor Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent is every inch a tent, which will provide users with not only lots of reliable usages but also a convenience and comfort like no other as well. What makes this tent stand out is clear. It is made to be durable, has a unique pop-up design, and requires no assembly at all. It also has a curtain on the front of the tent, as well as, for a roller shutter to the back of the tent to give parents and kids an independent space that is personal on the outside.

23. Instant 2 Person Portable Pop Up Tent by Winterial 

The Winterial 2-Person Instant Pop Up Tent is perfect for all sorts of different uses. What does this mean? It means what it means. It is a tent that is very adaptable to all sorts of fun experiences from camping to festivals to you name it. It is a tent that completely unfolds right after coming out of its bag. It can also be folded up in four steps that are just as easy to do. It is made of durable 190T polyester fabric and portable in every sense of the word.

22. 10'x20' Outsunny Pop Up Party Canopy Tent 

The Outsunny Easy Pop Up Canopy Tent is both a very beautiful and easy tent to choice. Why is that? The answer is clear. The Outsunny Canopy can be easily popped up for quick usage, as opposed to having to worry about putting it up, and then having to take it down. It not only has an amazing pop-up design about it. It's also high quality and has a rust resistant steel framework construction. The price is also great for those on a budget and is affordable. Don't be fooled by other pop up tent choices. You clearly want a pop-up tent that is as great as the Outsunny one.

21. X64 Expedition Slant Leg Instant Pop Up Canopy by Quik Shade

The Quik Shade Expedition Instant Canopy is every inch a fine tent product. What makes it stand out is this. It comes fully assembled and has a frame that can be simply set up in just a matter of a few minutes. It also is durable in the description and offers 99% UV protection. It has a durable 150D top with backed fabric for lots of cool shade from the sun. This pop-up tent will make most other in its category shameful that they even exist.

20. Simple Outdoors Automatic Pop Up Tent by RIJER

The RIJER Automatic Pop Up Outdoors Beach Tent is a tent of high quality and durability. It is 35 inches tall, 59 inches wide, and can fit up to three persons inside of it. It is portable, easy to set up, and has good ventilation about it. It's also very stable, has excellent UV protection, and comes with a compact carry bag.

19. Commercial White C100 Instant Pop Up Canopy by Quik Shade

The Quik Shade Commercial C100 Canopy With Wall Panel is a fully assembled straight leg canopy that does have 100 square feet of shade for 8 to 12 occupants who will stand inside of the canopy itself. It also is sturdy, has lightweight construction, and is a very solid one-piece frame that is made to be strong and durable in quality. What is your idea of the top pop up tent? Hopefully, it is all about, what the Quik Shade is all about in description.

18. Orange Gazelle Large Pop Up Outdoor Tent

The Gazelle Large Pop Up Outdoor Tent is a tent choice that is first-rate and why is apparent. It is a top of the line tent in every way that matters most to those who will use it. What makes the Gazelle pop-up tent so great is clear, and that is because it has lots of benefits. What are some of these benefits? First of all, it is a tent, which doesn't require that much setup. It only takes about 90 seconds to set it up, which is quick and easy. It also has two large doors for easy airflow when it's hot. This pop-up tent is one that identifies itself from the competition and this one is all that.

17. 2 Person Coleman Sundome Camping Tent 

The Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent is a premium-grade tent that is an awesome tent choice. Why is that? It is because the Sundome Tent is 33% more water resistant than any standard kind of Coleman tent on the market. It also has two windows that make for great outside viewing from within the tent itself and has an included rainfly for extra weather protection. It also comes with a one-year warranty as well. What qualifies as a great pop up tent? It is a pop-up tent that is popular and known for clearly being the best pop up tent choice on the market.

16. 3-4 Person Portable Pop Up Camping Tent by TSWA

The Pop Up Camping Tent by TSWA is without a doubt, one of the finest of all tents on the market, and why is clear. It is because, it is a tent, which does have many perks. Some of these perks do include its automatic pop up ability. What does this mean? It means that this tent doesn't require a complex process to be installed. If anything, it's very uncomplicated and very easy to do. It also comes with double doors and insect screen windows that protect from the outdoor elements but do permit lots of great ventilation. Of the pop-up tents made by TSWA, this particular camping tent is one of the highest rated.

15. 6 Person Coleman Pop Up Cabin Camping Tent 

The Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin is just the kind of tent that anyone would love to have for their outdoor/indoor adventures. It doesn't matter if they are adults or kids or a combination of both. What makes this cabin stand out is clear. It was designed with simpler and quicker setup in mind. It also is every inch created to be weatherproof, because of its special WeaterTec system, which has patented welded floors and inverted seams that help to keep water outside from the cabin. The pop-up tent that stands out and is special is the one mentioned above.

14. 10' x 10' Easy Pop Up Canopy Tent by Best Choice Products

The Best Choice Products Pop Up Canopy Tent is truly the best choice product on all fronts from a total tent aspect. Why is that? The answer is clear: it is because this canopy tent is made of nothing but premium quality. What this spacious canopy tent has is this. It is made to be strong, durable, and of maximum stability. It also has superior ventilation, easy access, and lots of other rewards in its own way. This particular pop up tent is all about giving the camping enthusiasts and hikers something to brag about to their friends.

13. Pop Up UV Shade Shelter/Cabana Tent by Monobeach

The MonoBeach Baby Beach Tent Automatic Pop Up is a tent of high-grade quality. It is constructed to be both convenient and comfortable in every way that matters the most. There is added curtain to the front of the tent, which serves one purpose, and that is all about maintaining a private sort of space for both adults and kids as a rule. Do you want the pop-up tent that will serve you the best in most circumstances? If the answer is yes, this one is it, you betcha!

12. Large Backpacking Pop Up Tent by G4Free

The G4Free Large Pop Up Tent is a tent that anyone would be proud to call their own just because. What is this just because? The answer is this. The G4Free can be used for multiple purposes and these purposes can range from camping to hiking to fishing to beyond. It's as simple as that. It is designed with total person adaptability in mind. Additionally, it can hold two to three people and is totally water resistant and UV protected as well. This pop-up tent is one that isn't just known for being a unique pop up. This instant tent is simply the greatest in every aspect, including ease of use.

11. Lightweight Outdoors Pop Up Tent with UV 50+ Features by OutdoorsmanLab

The OutdoorsmanLab Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent is the ideal tent if you are a person who truly appreciates tents that are every inch easy when it comes to simple setup. What this patented and portable beach tent is all about is far more than just convenient pop-up assembly. It's also about being a first-grade tent in every way that counts the most and that means being wind resistant, full UV +50 protection, and also easy to carry around and store away, In short, it's easy, and easy means making the tent experience easy for you. Get a pop-up tent for yourself that will withstand the harsh climate! 

10. Extra Large Pod Pop Up Tent by Under the Weather Sports

The Under The Weather Sports Pod Pop Up Tent XL is every inch an original and patented type of unique tent. Why is that? The answer is clear. It's because it contains originally patented pods that are capable of popping up and being folded in just a matter of seconds. It also is also portable, lightweight, and totally water and water resistant. The Under The Weather is definitely a great instant tent choice from amid the best pop up tent group of products.

9. Instant Pop Up Canopy Sunwall by Coleman 

The Coleman Instant Canopy Sunwall is every inch a special canopy for multiple uses outdoors, and even in indoors, if need be for it. It has a special single side wall that offers complete protection from the sun, wind, and rain all at the same time. It is constructed from a heavy-duty fabric that is able to withstand winds and has an exclusive UV Guard does provide +50 UPF sun protection. Any pop-up tent items are products that are known for being premium-grade in definition and delivery.

8. Large Camping/Festival Dome Tent by PMS

The PMS Pop Up Tent is a superb tent in every respect. Why is that? The answer is clear. It is the perfect choice whether you are camping or attending a festival and there are several ancillary items included to provide a secure stability for the tent itself after installation. It is a fine product and representation of the PMS brand that has been having great quality and value for a number of years. If you want a pop-up tent you need to make sure it is of the very best quality from the get go.

7. Portable Youth Automatic Pop Up Outdoors Tent by Sunba

The Sunba Youth Portable 3-Person Camping Tent is every fine thing that a tent should be and is in essence. It is a tent that has premium-grade and high-quality UV Protection and Waterproof capabilities. It also is a tent that is made of a special kind of material and comes complete with 8 ground metal stakes. It has 4 strong ropes, in addition, which makes for a highly windproof outdoor camping experience as well. This incredibly cool pop up tent is one that has the finest features overall.

6. Best Choice Products Easy Pop Up Canopy Tent with Carrying Case

Best Choice does indeed deliver with this fine canopy choice. The Best Choice Pop Up Canopy Tent comes with carrying case and a whole lot more. What is the whole lot more? The answer is this. The whole lot more aspect is all about being a structure that is constructed from a rust-resistant and powder-coated type of steel that helps the frame of the tent to be able to withstand all sorts of weather situations. The tent also has a simple setup, an easily adjustable height, and many other benefits. A pop-up tent that really resonates with people is one that we here at Tentsy really love!

5. Automatic Pop Up Beach Cabana Tent with Sun Shelter by ZOMAKE 

The Zomake Pop Up Tent Beach Cabana 2-3 Person Camping Sun Shelter is all the things that a fine outdoor shelter should be. Not only is it very spacious in an area, but it can easily accommodate three to four people. It also is something that can be used in general camping and in clear weather. Kids can also use it. Children can make it into a play house and sun shelter as well. It is totally adaptable in every way and provides adequate ventilation with two doors, two windows, and a nice top/skylight area. What makes for the top pop up tent? It is the Zomake for sure.

4. Automatic Pop Up Beach Cabana Tent by G4Free 

The G4Free Outdoor Automatic Pop Up Cabana Beach Tent is a superior tent choice. Why is clear. It is because the G4Free is 20% bigger in size than that of the competitors' tent products. It also is a tent of high quality that possesses a unique and very innovative pop-up design. There is no assembly required and the patented structure is something that pops open and shuts in just a matter of seconds. It can be included in the coolest pop-up tent products group.

3. Lightweight Outdoor Pop Up with Portable Pack by LingAo

The LingAo PopUp Tent is every inch a top of the line tent offering. It is because the LingAo PopUp Tent has it all literally. It is a tent of high quality, it has a polyester and silver-coated fabric, which goes around the full coverage to ensure that the area doesn't have any existing anti-up effects. It is also sun protected for all day usage and is a very upscale looking tent that is strong/sturdy, and durable. Do you want the best pop up tent? If the answer is yes, this is it, for sure.

2. 10' x10' Outdoor Pop Up Canopy Tent by AmazonBasics

The AmazonBasics Pop Up Canopy Tent is a tent of the highest caliber. It isn't at all a tent that can be described as being basic. If anything, the AmazonBasics Pop Up Tent is a fine pop-up tent in detail, and in every respect. What makes it clearly stand out is its strong steel frame, pop-up ability, and cathedral style roof that adds lots of headroom. It also is sturdy, upscale, and has angled leg design that permits 96 square feet of total shade from the sun. If you want the best pop up tent, you will like the choices that are listed here for the best pop up tent in general. It is definitely one of the best pop up tent choices from the rest.

1. Coleman 2/4 Person Pop Up Tent 

What is great about the Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent is everything. The Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent is all about personalization that is based on the user of the tent itself. What this means is clear. It means the tent owner is the one to decide which type of pop-up tent works best for him or her or them. You can get a two-person variety or a four-person variety of this pop-up tent. It also is a high-quality tent with a leading brand name that is known to deliver top of the line camping equipment. You also get to choose your specific tent design and perfect setup. The tent will also pretty much assemble itself after being taken from its carrying case.

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