The Best Pet Tent of 2017

Let's be honest, fewer things in life are more adorable than dogs and cats in cute little tents. It's with this in mind that we've ranked the top 25 best pet tents for the money. From colorful teepee tents to large, room-sized tents for big dogs, we've found the best pets tents for sale online. Enjoy your new pet tent! 

25. Blue Portable Pop-Up Tent for Medium/Large Dogs

A blue portable pet tent for your dog is a must-have. This tent is by Zeckos and is sold by Lucy’s Beach House through Amazon. Sturdily made from nylon material, with vented mesh to keep out the bugs. It can be easily folded for easy carrying and storage. It fits medium to large dogs with plenty of room and comes with a zippered door. It is important to keep your canine out of the direct sun just like people. Small dogs do well in this tent as there is plenty of room to move around. If you have a larger dog maybe about 50lbs there is not so much room of course so it would have to be a very calm dog. It sets up quickly like some of the instant setup tents that fold with spring fiberglass poles.

24. Kole Pet Tent for Small Dogs

Leapair Instant Pop-Up Privacy Tent is a pup tent for showering also easy to store and is foldable for carrying. Easy to setup on the beach after swimming, so that you can rinse off. Great for showering out in the woods while camping. This tent can also be used to change clothes in, so you can have some privacy. Stainless steel poles provide strength for stability. Made of Taffeta 191 nylon, for extra added strength. The construction of this tent is rugged and can withstand the elements. It has a built-in hanger to hang clothes on and a storage pouch to stow other gear.

23. Parkland Portable Pet Tent, Playpen

Here’s another great pup tent from Parkland: the playpen for either cats or dogs. This pet tent or cat tent features a removable shade mesh cover. The top can be zipped off to give your pets more ventilation and freedom to go and go as they please or the front door can be zippered off so that they can exit and enter from there as well. Use this practical this tent indoors or outdoors. It can also be used on the beach or in your yard to keep your pet secure. It is well ventilated with a sturdy design. At the present time it comes in medium and large.

22. GigaTent Pet PopUp

Here’s another useful pet tent from Giga Tent. This pet tent can be staked down for great stability as you would need for larger dogs. It can be zippered closed or unzipped for great ventilation for your pooch. It also comes with a nice foam pad for added comfort for your dog. It folds up nicely for easy storage and handling. It easily fits inside your exiting steel kennel. Giga Tent comes in small, medium and large. Great pet tent to have it’s by Gigapet.

21. PAWZ Road 2-in-1 Dog House

Here’s one of the best pet tents from PAWZ Road. It comes in small, medium and large. Its shape like a dog house and the top folds down to provide a bed for your beloved dog or cat. It is very well padded and the pad is machine washable which makes this pet tent a real gem. The real beauty of this dog/cat house is that it comes in a variety of colors, red, gray, and beige, brown, green.

20. Merry Pet Wood Room

A Wood Pet Home by Merry: Another innovative design by this company. A unique dog house with the smaller dog or cat in mind. Made of kiln-dried cedar this repels bugs like mosquitoes’, flies, and fleas. Naturally attractive in this wood design, it has a wonderful ladder to climb on and is very durable. The tent sets up in just a few minutes with a screwdriver and elbow grease.

19. Etna Portable TeePee Pet Tent

Here’s a nice dog tent from Etna. This tent is unique and pleasing to the eye and is very functional too. The tent is shaped like a Native American teepee. This tent sets up in minutes with minimal tools and is made of lightweight material. It comes with a washable cushion for the comfort of your pet, be it dog cat or puppies. Great mostly for indoors, but is made of waterproof material should you use it outdoors.

18. Alcott Explorer Pet Tent

The pup tent by Alcott will make a fine addition to your pet accessories. Made in the style of a dome tent for humans, this tent offers many of the same features. It has three windows on each side with an easy to get in and out of the door. All openings have zippered closures. It comes with 4 stakes a waterproof bottom and a travel bag.

17. One-Touch Portable Pet Tent/ Dog House

A quick folding pet tent by Yooye is a tent that looks like a dome tent for humans. You can buy it in blue or orange. It has a one-touch setup and breakdown feature for easy storage and carrying. It can be used outdoors or indoors with a Velcro attachment. Durable and sturdy, this tent should help you and your pet to enjoy many outings to come.

16. FrontPet Pet Tent - Dogs/Cats

A pet tent by Frontpet is a real gem of outdoor equipment. This tent is constructed of rugged durable material for the serious outdoor enthusiast. It is offered in two sizes, small and large. There is an easy one step set up process that doesn’t take a lot of time and there is a nice carrying bag also. Keep your pet safe with the firm construction of this tent from wild animals.

15. Little Dove Canvas Teepee Tent

Little Dove has this really cool pet tent for your pets enjoyment. This tent is made of very strong long lasting canvas. The tent sets up wonderfully in your living room, backyard or when camping. It has wooden poles and is styled like a Native American teepee. It comes in owl print with tie downs for the door.

14. Viller Teepee Tent for Dogs

A Native American-themed pet tent that you and your pet will enjoy, by Viler. This tent does not come with a question, so that leaves you with the wonderful option of putting your pooch’s favorite pillow in it. It is offered in blue, red, black striped pattern for you to enjoy. It is easy to clean and has a convenient travel bag.

13. OxGord Animal Playpen Tent

Here’s an easy to set up and take down pet tent for your dog. This octagonal shaped tent for dogs is very easy to maintain it cleans up nicely with soap and water. Inside there storage pockets for your pets toys and accessories. It has plenty of ventilation and is made from nylon mesh. It comes in blue and black. It folds up neatly for travel and storage.

12. OxGord 8-Panel Tent for Dogs or Cats

Small dogs and cats will love this tent created by Lifeunion. It can accommodate small to medium animals. It can be used in cars, camping backyard or indoors for potty training. Sets up in seconds in its dome design, it also has a handy carrying case. Great to use for whatever you can think of. The tent is also machine washable.

11. Marshall Small Pet Camping Set for Dogs

Marshall Pet Products has produced the wonderful pet tent for you and your dog or cat's enjoyment. It comes with a padded sleeping bag and is easy to clean and sturdy. Designed after people tents, it can be used just about anywhere. Go fishing; camping or just hanging out in the backyard, you’ll have many years of enjoyment from the wonderfully designed tent.

10. Home Sweet Home Bed

Now here’s a cool pet tent. It is created by Best Pet Supplies Inc. This pet tent is made from soft polyfoam so that your dog can snuggle very comfortably. It has a non slip bottom to stay secure on the floor. It breaks down so it can be washed in a washing machine. It has three colors beige, brown and silver with a beige or brown pillow for your pet comfort.

9. Petnation Dog Port-A-Crate - XL

Petnation has come up with this practical pet tent for simple use. It has a strong steel frame surrounded by very durable cotton material. It lends itself nicely to keeping your pet calm and quiet during the healing process from an illness. It sets up quickly and is easily taken down. It comes in six sizes so that you can get the size best suited for your dog or cat. Just use the handy chart to pick the right size for your pet.

8. Yellow Striped Cat Tent or Dog Tent

Mymarket has come up with this neatly designed Native American pet tent. This teepee-styled pet tent is made from very durable cotton canvas with four wooden poles for easy setup. A great price for this wonderful creation for you and your pet. It is totally machine washable. It is offered in yellow, blue striped and royal blue.

7. Pawhut Pet Tent for Outdoors

Pawhut has come up with this great pet tent for your pooch. Shaped like a mini two manned dome tent should be a nice addition to your pet supplies. Zippered door for easy entry and three meshed windows to keep your dog cool in the summer. It takes down easily and sets up easily and has a handy carrying bag. A great tent for you and your pet to enjoy for years to come.

6. Petego Pet House

Petego Umbra: A pet tent that has a removable fly so that air can circulate through the three windows on the sides up through the top giving your dog extra added comfort. It has easy to understand instructions for a trouble free set up. It incorporates an umbrella set up system for a quick and easy setup and takedown. It comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The comfort pad is sold separately.

5. Little Dove TeePee Tent for Mid-sized Dogs

Little dove has come up with this Native American design to keep your dog or cat comfortable in. It comes with a thickly padded cushion for great comfort for your dog. It is constructed of thick cotton canvas and is machine washable. There are easy to understand instructions with a four pole design. It comes in beige and is best suited for small dogs.

4. Mymarket Pet Teepee Dog Tent for Pups

Mymarket has this classic Native American teepee style pet tent for you and your dogs pleasure. This tent is constructed of thick cotton canvas and is machine washable. A four pole comes with it for easy setup and takedown. There is no floor in this tent so that outside you dog can get the real feel of the woods or beach.

3. Portable Pet Tent for Dogs and Cats

A great foldable pet tent by Lumsing: This tent folds up conveniently for easy carrying and storage. It comes in two sizes, 45” and 47.2”. It is made of steel and comes with metal stakes to secure it to the ground. It is waterproof and moisture proof just in case it rains on your outing keeping your dog nice and dry.

2. Etna Waterproof Pet Tent

A simple yet durable pet tent from Etna, which you and your dog will enjoy. This tent is made for the practical minded person who enjoys simplicity is their life. It is easy to clean and maintain. It has a large open door and is raised off the floor for extra ventilation all around with one rear window. It is made of breathable canvas that is waterproof.

1. Corduroy Pet Tent for Dogs

This pet tent can be used as a tent for dogs and is best used indoors. It is created by Best Pet Supplies Inc. This pet bed is very cushy and soft giving your dog the ultimate experience in comfort. This tent is constructed of soft polyfoam and cotton outer material. It also comes with a thick doggy bed. This pet bed comes in five different colors, corduroy beige, dark brown, gray, linen beige, and tan.

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