Top 25 Best Pop Up Tents for the Money

Short on time and ready to go on your next adventure soon? If so, this review is for you! We've found the top 25 best pop up tents for the money and rated from our least favorites to our most favorites. Enjoy our next hiking, camping, or backpacking trip with your new pop up tent!

25. Lucky Bums Quick Pop Up Tents - Blue

This Kids Lucky Bums tent definitely makes for a fun little space for the kids. These pop up tents collapse into a lightweight, disc-shaped structures so moving them from place to place was easy. To assemble the pop up tent, simply follow the directions and in no time you'll have a fully functioning shelter. Very easy! It came with stakes to for outdoor use so it doesn't blow away. It's big enough for a few kids to fit inside which made it the perfect addition to group play dates.

24. Outdoor Pop Up Tents

The Ylovetoys outdoor pop up tent is made for a wonderful shaded area during the hottest summer days. It provided fabulous protection from the sun and even kept pretty cool inside. Super spacious and very light weight! These pop up tents are very portable and super easy to carry with you on hiking trips.

23. Winterial 2 Person Pop Up Tents

These pop up tents were so easy to assemble! It was very roomy inside and the windows were a great touch. Loved the extra airflow they provided. This tent would be great for any beach or short term camping trip is among the top pop up tents on this list.

22. Outsunny Easy Pop Up Canopy Tent

This canopy tent works amazing for outdoor parties. The windows allow for light to come through so it's not too dark. These pop up tent designs are very easy to assemble and disassemble. Even when the ten was used on a rather hot day, it never retained much heat inside at all. These are definitely some of the greatest pop up tents for entertaining!

21. Quick Shade Canopy Instant Tent 

This Quik Shade tent is perfect for outings where you need some fast and east shade. It worked perfectly for the kid's baseball games on hot and sunny days. It didn't take long to assemble and can fit quite a few people and dogs underneath it. Great shield from the strong sun and easy to take apart.

20. RIJER Automatic Pop Up Tents

This tent was extremely simple to assemble and put away. It pretty much does the assembling for you by simply popping open when it is removed from its bag. It works perfectly for some relief from the sun at the beach. It has rather great ventilation and does a great job at blocking out the strong sun. The tent was also very roomy! Would absolutely recommend it. These pop up tents are some of the very best around!

19. Quick Shade Pop Up Wall Tent

This instant wall tent works great to block the sun during outdoor celebrations. The roofing is quite durable and did a great job blocking out the hot sun. It wasn't too difficult to assemble. The adjustable legs were very convenient. These pop up tents are great for outdoor gatherings.

18. Gazelle Pop Up Camping Tents - 4 People

These pop up tents are perfect for camping and hiking! It had lots of room for multiple people to move around. There is a good amount of headspace, even if you are rather tall, and the windows provide fantastic ventilation. The set up was simple and very straight forward. This tent was certainly the best pop up tent for any outdoor camping trip. 

17. Coleman Pop Up Tents - Sundome
These Coleman pop up tents are extremely durable and can really weather the elements in the outdoors. The flooring material was very thick and held up to moisture. It's very easy to feel a bit claustrophobic in these two-person tents, but the Coleman tan had Multiple flaps for refreshing cross ventilation. These cool pop up tents are for couples to do outdoor exploring and camping. 

16. TSWA Instant Tent - 3-4 Person

This pop up tent actually has a ton of room. It fit 4 people very comfortably. Having two doors was very convenient so you don't have to climb over one another to exit or enter. It worked really well in hot sunny weather. It provided great shade without getting hot inside. These pop up tents are ultralight and perfect for adventuring to the Netherlands or even New Mexico. It saves so much time on assembly!

15. 6 Person Coleman Pop Up Tents

This 6 person tent works like a charm for large camping groups. It is extremely durable and definitely stays intact over time. The pre-attached poles make it very easy to set up. Two people can absolutely assemble this piece with no problem. It is very spacious inside. The height of the tent allows you to move around on your knees without having to crouch over. Hands down some of the very best pop up tents for family camping.

14. 10 x 10 Pop Up Tent

This instant tent works perfectly for any outdoor event. It's extremely spacious and it's actually very durable. It was able to withstand rain just fine. The assembly process was no trouble at all. Three people were able to assemble it rather quickly. The windows were a nice touch. Works great for craft fairs or catered events. These pop up tents are great on the wallet, fun, and amazing in general.

13. Pop Up Tents for Kids at the Beach

This was such an awesome little tent for the baby! It worked great at the beach for a break from the sun. It is very obvious that they used heavy duty material for this one. It worked perfectly to protect the little ones from the harsh sun but still didn't get steaming hot inside. Very compact and literally anyone can assemble it or put it away. These pop up tents are ideal for any day spent outdoors with the little ones. 

12. Pop Up Backpacking Tents - Hiking

This tent worked so well for backpacking. It barely ways anything! It was very light and compact but still durable enough to stand up to the outdoor elements. It can definitely sleep 5 people with massive amounts of headroom. The interior was much taller than expected. For assembly, all you do is open it really. It pretty much assembles itself. This is without a doubt some of the very best pop up tents for group camping trips!

11. Automatic Pop Up Hiking Tents

These pop up tents are great for going out to the beach! It's so light weight and has great ventilation., but is still an awesome shield from the harsh sun. The extra sand pockets and pegs really helped when it got windy. The tent stayed right in its place when everyone's beach umbrellas were flying about. It pops up and folds down so incredibly easy. 

10. Under the Weather XL Pop Up Pod

These particular pop up tents for primarily used for fishing! It is very water resistant and extremely durable. It keeps you warm and dry and will definitely withstand wind. It is very easy to assemble and put away. Would absolutely recommend this product!

9. Cheap Pop Up Tents - Coleman - White

This canopy tent was the best large pop up tent! It works great for tailgates and music festivals. It's pretty heavy duty so it can withstand the elements just fine. Loved the wall attachment for added privacy if need be and helped block the sun while it was setting. 

8. Festival Bundle - Pop Up Tent and Supplies

These camping pop up tents can be used with a few friends or by yourself if you needed. It was able to withstand rain without our belongings getting wet. It takes away the frustration of pitching a tent with so many pieces. This just pops up and that's it. You are able to stake it into the ground to make sure it won't fly away. Disassembles just as easy as it assembles! Great product!

7. Cute Pop Up Tents
This cute tent works perfectly for the beach and small camping trips. The pop up feature was extremely convenient. It works great to block out the sun but doesn't absorb much heat at all. There is fabulous ventilation that successfully keeps out the critters. This is a perfect tent to just keep in the car just in case. It's very light and compact, so doesn't take up any room at all. 

6. Cheap Pop Up Tent

These pop up canopy tents are for outdoor entertaining or tailgates. the legs of the tent are super sturdy. The roof material seems to be very durable as well. Despite its large size, the assembly process went very smoothly. It does not require much manpower or time to put together. The tent is great for the price especially. 

5. Small Beach Pop Up Tent

This is the perfect little beach cabana. The two doors and two windows make for great air flow and allow you to see out in every direction. It works as a great barrier from the sun without retaining heat. This product works very well for your kids at the beach and can even be a fun little adventure tent in the back yard. It's so easy to pop open and collapse. This was a fantastic find!

4. Portable Pop Up Tent - Sets Up in Seconds

These ultralight pop up tents can be used for beach activities or mountain activities. It can shade multiple people at once and has great UV protection. The amount of space inside is perfect for adults and kids. It's very breathable so it doesn't trap in the heat. Love how one wall completely comes out so you can see out just fine. 

3. Instant Tent by LingAo

These cool pop up tents are mostly used for backpacking or hiking. They are so lightweight you actually forget you're carrying around a full-size tent. This product is a great find! It also works great at the beach. It comes with stakes so you don't have to worry about it blowing away if the wind picks up. It can definitely fit two people comfortably. Would absolutely recommend this tent!

2. Instant Tent by Amazon

These pop up tents are great for outdoor entertaining. Sometimes these tents aren't tall enough to have enough comfortable headroom, but this one has tons. No crouching necessary when you're underneath it. The wheeled bag mad it extra easy to transport from place to place! It is all around a great buy.

1. 2 Person Pop Up Tent by Coleman

This cute tent is perfect for the kids to camp in the backyard or to use for outdoor hiking adventures. It's very spacious inside and the flooring is thick and durable. The set up and breakdown are really effortless. The shape of the tent works well if the wind picks up.

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