The Best Teepee Tent for the Money

Let's be honest, we are love teepee tents. From teepee play tents when we were kids to teepee tents on television, they're embedded in our brains like every other beautiful memory from childhood. It's with this in mind that we've found the best teepee tent of 2017. Enjoy your new teepee tent! 

25. 10ft by 10ft Teepee Tent that Doubles as a Yurt

This incredible teepee tent gives you everything you need in the way of comfort when in the wild. This one was purchased for a special camping trip down in Florida with the family. Everyone was quite surprised about how easily our family fit with room to spare. These teepee tents double as yurts are very ventilated and easy to set up. If you're going to go camping with your family, this tent teepee is amazing. 

24. 7 Person Teepee Tent from Ozark Trail

This tent was fairly easy to set up and really spacious inside. It rained while we were on our camping trip and to my surprise, there were not any leaks at all. This spacious teepee tent had great ventilation from the “roof" of the cabin and allowed air to circulate throughout. We most enjoyed the ability to remove the outside paneling to enjoy the view of the lake and other scenery. Hopefully, there will be a lot more camping trips in this one. Got a few compliments on it as well. Not sure if I can label it as one of the best teepee tents just yet, but will surely find out. 

23. Pet Teepee Tent for Dogs or Cats

This has to be one of the cutest houses for your pet. There's no doubt about it, this teepee tent will make you completely fall in love with them. When I came across it, I expected it to be kind of small and hard to put together. However, the structure came out to be pretty good, and it is really spacious for my little pom. Hope that it's easy to wash because he likes to whizz on everything. But again, well worth the price.

22. Kids Teepee Tent - Pink

So my six-year-old daughter wanted to have a party for her birthday. I couldn’t figure out a theme. I was searching on Google when I came across this cutie, so we based the whole party around it. Of the tent teepees on this list, this teepee tent is simply incredible, in my opinion. The final decision was an Indian princess party. I can say it was the nicest children's teepee tent for sale online. Easy to set up and easy to put away and not that bad of a price for the quality.

21. Cheap and Minimal Teepee Tent

Late last year, I was looking for something for a six-year-old boy who is completely absorbed by the idea of Native American Indians and he wanted a room that expressed his sentiment. To that end, this teepee tent did the job very well. It doesn’t have a problem of folding like the one that he originally had. So you don’t have to worry about it collapsing on your child when you walk away. Very sturdy and easy to take down.

20. Cute Teepee Tents for Kids

This was a great centerpiece for the camping party for or seven-year-old son. The canvas was a great feel to the touch and provided an easy setup guide and even easier to dismantle. The best thing about it was the simple canvas gave us the ability to create whatever theme we had in mind. Put simply, I really enjoyed reviewing this teepee tent!

19. Teepee Tent Lights for Kids

The lights hung perfectly around the top of the teepee that my husband recently purchased, which by the way was one of the bet teepee tents ever. Figuring that they should be able to light up the inside enough without the need of additional lighting that would take up space inside the tent. Gladly they come with batteries already. Took a few minutes to get them on and powered up. Great buy for me.

18. Colorful Children's Play Tent

The children at the daycare absolutely loved this teepee tent. The center purchased it because there are always children there trying to build their own forts. So this one made a wonderful substitution for stacks of books and blanket coverings. It is the perfect size for multiple children to fit into so much easier to share. Would purchase again. 

17. Large Camping Teepee Tent - Coleman

While this really isn’t quite the teepee tent for four large men, it would fit perfectly four smaller size adults, like me and my three girlfriends. It was a bit larger than expected, so you wouldn’t be able to take it backpacking but this is definitely one of the best teepee tents to have on the road with you.

16. Cotton Canvas Teepee Tent for Children

This little wonderful teepee was a great idea for our son. He absolutely loves to play cowboys and Indians, so this was the best teepee tent as to what we were able to find. Because of the clean canvas, he was able to create his own artwork on the tent. Very easy to set up, even able to wash it and clean all the artwork, loving it. 

15. Kids Play Tent - Teepee

The color of this cool teepee tent is what caught my eye as I was looking for something a bit more gray. It’s great for small children like my four-year-old toddler. It’s used mostly for play, but he also sometimes likes to take naps or watch his YouTube videos on his tablet. The fabric is very nice, it is very sturdy, much needed for this clumsy little one.

14. Adorable Girl's Princess Teepee Tent

This was just the cutest tent for our prissy daughter. She loves the idea of formal dresses, and lace, so this was right up her alley for play time. She stays in here for hours if you let her. The fabric on it is beautifully crafted and the whole thing was just a breeze to get set up.

13. Small Black and White Striped Teepee Tent for Kids

My son used this small teepee tent for a little backyard party he was invited to. It was very sturdy and has some really nice material that it’s made from. This tent got a lot of compliments from the other parents. Some of the other kids had to share because some of their tents were collapsing continuously. For these teepee tents, you are going to have to pay a little bit more for. And for the amount spent, the quality is surely appreciated.

12. Portable Canvas Teepee Tent for Kids

Very quick and easy set-up, the tassels were a nice touch. Loved the bag that was included since it was for a sleepover. The little window made it all the more loveable. When it comes to the purchase a hassle-free teepee tent, few are better than this one.

11. Minimal Teepee Tent - Canvas

So our daughter wanted the purple colored one, but it was priced so much higher. Went ahead and got it for her. She absolutely adored it. This is one of the best teepee tents ever, the quality was superb and very nicely sized.

10. Guide Gear Teepee Tent for Camping - 14ft by 14ft

I really loved the way this Guide Gear teepee tent stood up to the wind while camping out in mountains over the week. There were some really strong winds that came by and the tent did not give way. The door on it is the best part. Don’t know what it is about walkways. Very easy to set up and not very heavy.

9. Indian Play Teepee Tents for Kids

In the spring, our backyard gets really hot and our daughter is always acting like she is dying from the heat. So, this was the solution to the problem. It is taken in the house after being used outside but it definitely serves its purpose. Got it at the sale price and was very happy because of how great the quality was. You definitely get what you pay for, glad I didn’t go the cheaper route.

8. XL Camping Teepee Tent - Tahoe Gear - 12 Person

Visited Blackhawk Valley over the weekend with the family. Wanted to get some much needed fresh air. Got this tent in two days, opened it on the grounds and was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to set up. Nice fabric and good ventilation. Can’t go wrong with the price either.

7. 6ft Tall Teepee Tent for Adults

Easy instructions are a staple for being a busy mom, so this was great! Really easy to get put up, the bag was a great inclusion since there is always some kind of outing at the park and she always needs to have her own personal bags to carry her things. 

6. Gray and White Striped Teepee Tent

Was looking for something for my four-year-old. He likes to draw pictures, this would be his haven when he is in his crafting stage so to speak. This was one of the best teepee tents that my husband was able to find. Nice price, quality was much better than expected and the graphics on the blue teepee were awesome and the thing that most caught my attention. 

5. Red Canvas Teepee Tent

Wanted a tent that wasn’t too big, but big enough to hold the family and our things, and there are always lots of things. It stood up to the Chicago wind and made for a great camping trip. This was one of the best teepee tents available for the price range and that the family has come across in the last few years.

4. Teepee Play Tents for Kids

Wanted something nice for our 12-year-old to be able to hide away in when he wanted to catch up on his reading or whatever he needed to hide away and do. My child would only consider this teepee tent when playing games with himself and his imaginary friends. Not sure how this one didn't come in #1 on this list, but it was perfect in my eyes. He set it up himself very easily I might add. This was a big win. Setup in about ten minutes and very easy to move and reposition. Wonderful value for the price.

3. XL Guide Gear Teepee Tent - Army Green

This is the largest Guide Gear teepee tent that my family has purchased for camping. Got it yesterday, set it up fairly quickly. The thing that makes me think this is one of the best teepee tents ever, is the fact that someone as clumsy as me is able to set it up completely by myself, that is if that were the case, although it wasn’t. But that was the topper for me. Great in high temperatures and easy winds, great enclosures and ventilation as well.

2. Teepee Play Tents for Children

Great way to include some adventure and dress-up time in your busy day. My three-year-old absolutely loves this teepee tent. It’s absolutely adorable. Of course it’s been bedazzled, couldn’t help it with the all-white linen. It was screaming to get some sparkle. Anyway, I adored the feel of the fabric, and the little side window has an opening so you can peek in on your little one as well. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

1. Guide Gear Teepee Tent for Camping

Being avid backpackers, the family has had its share of terrible teepee tents. Either they don’t hold up in the wind and rain, or they don’t hold up at all. This teepee tent by Guide Gear is by far our favorite on Tentsy.  This Guide Gear teepee tent has a very sturdy structure and took about 10 to 15 minutes to set up. Had a great trip because of this bad boy. Can’t wait to see how it holds up in the Windy City.

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