Top 50 Best Canopy Tent Products of 2017

If you've done any research at all, you know that there are tons of canopy tents on the market. From small 10x10 canopy tents to cute pink canopy tents, the options are seemingly endless. Fortunately for you, Tentsy is here to help! With this in mind, we've found the best canopy tent of 2017 as we reviewed 50 in total. Enjoy your new canopy tent! 

50. 10ft by 20ft Canopy Tent by Outsunny - Weddings

This is a pop up canopy tent by Outsunny. Out of 127 reviews, receiving 3/5 stars, it is 232" long x 116 1/2" wide and is supposed to be easy to set up. Mixed reviews are 50/50. Most people love the easy setup up; however, they don't hold up in the wind.

49. 10x10 Canopy Tent from Tangkula

This is a 10'X10" canopy tent by Tangka was out of stock at the time of this writing, but, when it was in stock, it received 42 reviews and 3.1/5 stars. Another 50/50 product. Most people said it was cheap enough to buy, not as easy to put up, but was sufficient, does not handle the wind, and some arrived without necessary parts.

48. Coleman Canopy Tent - 12x10


This is a Coleman instant canopy tent. It received 1,157 reviews and 4.4/5 stars. Most people absolutely love it. The complaints are that it only lasts 1-2 years tops, can't handle prolonged sun, ruins the top, the roof does not keep you dry in rain, and the shippers destroyed the product, before it even arrived, otherwise a great canopy tent buy.

47. Red Canopy Tent - 8x8

This the Quictent Privacy 8'x8' EZ Pop Up Canopy tent comes in seven different colors. Receiving 44 reviews with 3.8/5 stars. This waterproof canopy tent include an easy setup where you can close all sides. Comes with a carrying bag. Most people were pleased with this and are a reasonably priced tent. The critical reviews came from it being cheaply made, and no wind stability. This rates as this canopy tent as one of the better ones on this review list.

46. Small Canopy Tent

This is a room on the beach tent by Fun n Sun. There are no reviews as of yet. The cost is $25.00. It is 80"Wx44"Hx41"D, can be used for changing, napping, and storing your belongings while playing in the water at the beach. Can also be used elsewhere. This is a fantastic beach canopy tent.

45. XL Wedding Canopy Tent 

This is 10 x 30 Foot White Party Tent  is priced at $119.99 with 500 reviews and 2.8/5 stars. This product has 50/50 mixed reviews. The people loving it did so because it was a cheap alternative to renting a tent for special occasions. They hold up to 50 people and worked for a temporary need. The people hating it, did so because it is made cheaply, does not hold up against rain, and wind. Depends on your weather for this product review.

44. Colorful Party Tent 

This is a Big Top Canopy Tent by Fun Express, with 30 reviews and 4.2/5 stars. Great as an added party decoration, only about 3' round, so great canopy tent for a decoration.

43. Black Canopy Tent - 10x10

Instant 10x10 canopy tent by Quictent. 17 reviews, 3.5/5 stars. Comes in 5 colors. People loving it stated, sturdy, waterproof, and great customer service. Bad reviews included something about the wind and the fact that it can't be left up for a long period of time.

42. 10x10 Canopy Tent by Caravan Global

With mixed reviews, these canopy tents are a good temporary shelter as evidenced by the price, fire and water retardant, and milder climates.

41. Gazebo Tent - 10ft by 20ft

10'X20" wedding tent with walls from Quictent. 97 reviews, 3.7/stars. 3/4 of people were very happy, cheap, easy to put up, and they recommended taking it. The complaints were that it does not hold up in wind and rain, one-time use.

40. Mosquito Net Canopy Tent - 11x13

11'X13" garden tent by Quictent. 9 reviews with 3.2/5 stars. Made with netting side walls, to keep out mosquitoes. Mixed reviews, some loved it for temporary use, others stated too expensive to not withstand, made cheap.

39. XL Umbrella Tent

With 1,633 reviews, 4.2-star rating, this is a canopy tent for shade use, UV protection anywhere. Most people love it for its functionality, protection, price, and stability. The complaints came from previous owners who say the product is now inferior to their previous models.

38. Purple Canvas Canopy Tent with Carrying Case

10 X 10-feet Commercial Instant Canopy by Abccanopy. 103 reviews with 4.5/5 stars. It is purple and comes with a carrying bag. A canvas canopy tent for commercial use, withstands winds. The few complaints were that it takes more than one to set it up, and did not come with the free carrying bag.

37. Luxury Canopy Tent by Sunjoy

A gazebo tent by Sunjoy receiving 75 reviews, 3.2/stars. Mixed reviews, easy to put up, pretty, withstood rain and the wind, in Maryland. The complaints were that it was cheap quality for the money, netting won't unzip, and fell apart in rain.

36. Party Tent with Removable Walls - 10ft by 20ft

This 10x20 canopy tent has a total of 31 reviews and 3.2/5 stars. Mixed reviews, with some people saying it was great, easy setup and withstood some heavy rain and wind. The complaints stated just the opposite.

35. 10ft by 30ft Large Canopy Tent

10'x30' Outdoor Party BBQ Tent by Tangkula. Receiving 49 reviews with 3.2/5 stars. Mixed reviews, with some loving it, especially the price, while others said poorly made and got mangled before they even got to use it because of wind.

34. Tangkula Canopy Tent - 10x20 Party Tent

10"X20" heavy duty gazebo by Tangkula. Receiving 5 reviews, 2.9/stars. Great one-time use, instead of renting, but complaints are that it is made too cheap.

33. Dark Gray Abba Patio Tent

10'X10" shade by Abba, comes with rolling storage bag. Receiving 104 reviews, 4.4/5 stars. This particular canopy tent is one of the better ones in terms of storage capacity and overall functionality. Everyone loves this, easy to put up, a little heavy but that makes it stronger. Only 15 complaints, they are that it broke after three times on the beach.

32. Titanshade White Canopy Tent - 10x15

Titanshade 10 X 10 Foot Straight Leg Canopy by Caravan. Receiving 89 reviews with 4.0/5 stars. This rates as a large and popular canopy tent, as most people loved it. Super easy one person set up, strong and durable for festivals, picnics, etc.. There were a few saying it was cheaply made, did not handle the wind and the white top let too much sunlight, making it too hot.

31. Easy Pop Up Canopy Tent

10’x20’ Fez POP up Wedding Party Tent by Giantex. Receiving 93 reviews, 4.0/5 stars. Another canopy tent that is quite popular as most people were pleased with the overall product. Some reasons for these feelings were due to the following: easy setup, comfortable space, and ease of use. The complaints were not that bad either as they were mostly about the price of the products, which, is to say, super cheap.

30. Blue Pop Up Canopy Tents

This awesome 10x10 pop-up canopy tent by Punchau received 38 reviews with 4.3/5 stars. This rates as a top canopy tent as almost everyone loved it, easy setup, keeps you cooler, sturdy, well made. Only some people thought it too expensive, and a heavy rainstorm destroyed one.

29. Coleman Canopy Tent - Instant Pop Up

Coleman instant canopy 13X13. Received 631 reviews with 4.1/5 stars. Most people liked this canopy tent overall. They like the look of it, fits in with most patio décor, easy enough set up, making it through storms. The complaints seem to be that prior products by Coleman were better and that some products arrived defective, which would be more like a shipping problem than the product.

28. Blue Umbrella Tent

This is an 8ft. umbrella by Sport-Brella. Receiving 2,444 reviews and 4.4/5 star rating this is canopy tent. The greater majority love this umbrella tent for going to the picnic, park, festivals to provide shade. It is compact, easy to carry, and store. The complaints stemmed from the umbrella being caught by the wind and may not last too long.

27. Outsunny Canvas Tent - Dark Green

A 10'X20" pop-up party tent by Outsunny. Receiving 164 reviews with 3.0/5 stars, this product has mixed reviews. Some people loved the color, durability, and ease of putting it up, however, others received parts ripped and broken, then some people were just slightly unhappy with the performance.

26. 12x12 Canopy Tent

This is a 12'X12" dining canopy by Stansport. Receiving 225 reviews with 1.7/5 stars, this does not get a top canopy tent rating. Most people were very unhappy, although it is cheap enough product. The parts to this product are very inferior and break too easy.

25. Outdoor Canopy Tent - 10x20

This is the Tangkula 10'x20' Outdoor Canopy 4 Walls with Window Tent to use for parties, flea markets, yard sales, etc. Receiving only 4 reviews rated with 2.7/5 stars. Two people loved it, two hated it. The two unhappy customers received defective products, missing pieces, and broken, so you will have to use your own judgment on this one.

24. Blue 10x10 Canopy Tent

A 10 by 10-Feet Canopy, Blue, by EZ-UP. Receiving 682 reviews with a 4.2/5-star rating. This canopy tent is perfect for the beach and fits a maximum of ten people in total. The complaints come from the directions for putting it up and down are frustrating ending in broken parts.

23. XL Outdoor Canopy Tents for Wedding

10'X30' canopy wedding tent by FDW. Receiving 83 reviews and a 3.0/5-star rating and mixed reviews, this does not get a great canopy tent rating. The good reviews said they liked it for the price, just need to do extra support, like duct tape the seams, buy extra sand bags for weight, and just need to prepare, but liked it. There were more unhappy people than happy. They say it is too flimsy, and only a one-time use, if that.

22. QuikShade Canopy Tents

A compact 7'X7' canopy by Quikshade, receiving 475 reviews and 3.7/5 stars. Most consumers were pleased with this canopy tent and thus we strongly recommend buying it. It is lightweight easy storage, although not small cars, great for trips, beach wherever. The complaints are that it is a little smaller than they thought, not too durable, but you can go to Home Depot for replacement bolts, and good to go.

21. Waterproof Canopy Tent for Parties 

A pop up 10'X10"canopy by Panchau, which received 40 reviews and a 4.5/5 rating. Only one was one unhappy customer saying the parts would not snap in place.

20. 10x10 Canopy Tent by Coleman

This is a 7 x 5 ft. for 35 SQ. ft. of UPF 50+ sun protection canopy by Coleman. Receiving 105 reviews and 4.0/5-star rating. This canopy tent comes with a wheeled bag for easy storage. Customers loved easy setup and storage, and great sun protection. The complaints were about height, not for adults to stand under, and some complained about not water resistant.

19. Tangkula Wedding Tent

10'x20' Wedding Tent with four walls and windows by Tangkula. Receiving only 4 reviews and a 3.4/5-star rating. For the most part, people were happy but they felt it was made of cheap material, would not last, and they would not buy it again.

18. Extra Large Party Tent

This is a 10'x30' Party tent by FDW. Receiving 87 reviews and 3.0/5-star rating, we believe this canopy tent to be average overall. Some people loved it, however, they invested in extra strength stakes and other methods of keeping it tied down. There were more complaints than good reviews. They all stemmed from not being able to withstand the wind, therefore falling apart before the function, with people having to rush to stores for a last-minute replacement.

17. Outdoor Party Tent

A 10' x 30', White canopy tent wit 8 removable window walls by Exacted. Receiving 16 reviews and 1.7/5 stars this does not get a great canopy tent rating. Only 2 people were happy saying it kept them out of the rain and cold. The rest said the poles were too thin, can't hold the weight of the fabric, Velcro straps tore off, only one-time use, in some cases, not even that.

16. Eurmax Party Tent

10x10 Ft Ez Pop up commercial canopy by Eurmax. Receiving 39 reviews and 4.2/5 stars, this product gets a top canopy tent rating. Most everyone loved this tent. It is quality, a little more expensive, both well worth it for a lasting product. Just 5 people that were not as happy said it came missing pieces or defective and not that easy for one person to set up. They advised checking your tent before the intended use, to remedy the situation quickly.

Receiving 65 reviews, and 3.5/5 stars, this brown canopy tent can be considered to be one of the best on the market. Most people loved it, easy to set up, protected from rain, and perfect for sales. However, they wished the bag had wheels. The complaints were, it can't handle downpours and heavy winds.

14. Core Canopy Tent

A 10' x 10' Instant Shelter by Core. Received 112 reviews and 4.3/5 stars. Everyone loved this canopy tent because of its ease of set up, and great to use, but it is a little heavy so if using in the sand may take two to lug. The only complaints were that it won't last a long time.

13. Magnetic Tailgating Tent

An 11'X9' magnetic screen house by Tailgatorz. 190 reviews rated 3.5/5 stars. This particular canopy tent plenty of head room and keeps bugs out. They want the storage bag to be a little stronger as well as the magnets that keep falling off. However, it appears they fix this problem on the newer model.

12. Canopy Shelter Tent

A 10'X10' canopy tent with mesh walls, by Outsunny. Received 95 reviews and 3.1/5 stars. This large canopy tent was easy to set up and had good sun protection. Secure it properly. The complaints were from the rain and wind destroying them.

11. Park Tent by Coleman

A 10 x 10 Instant Sun Shelter by Coleman. Receiving 133 reviews and 4.0/5 stars, gives this 10x10 canopy tent a solid rating. Easy setup, great for the beach, and a wheeled bag. They recommend purchasing weight bags, and not leaving it set up permanently. The complaints are that it did not keep them dry in heavy rain, and sand got in the joists at the beach, making it hard to take up and down, or a defective when received product.

10. Slanted Canopy Tent - Red

10 x 10 Slant Leg Instant Canopy by Quick Shade. Received 159 reviews and 4.2/5 stars give this 10x10 canopy tent a great rating. People said it was easy to to set up although it takes two, makes sure to use weights to hold it down, and great shade. The complaints were from defective parts, and that the wind damaged their outdoor canopy tent.

9. Carport Tent

10 X 20 carport canopy by Caravan Canopy. Received 1,160 reviews and 3.1/5 stars. Not a great outdoor canopy tent, because it had poor reviews. While some people liked it for the price, almost everyone had to do fortification to the poles to make it withstand the wind. Those who did not have damage to their vehicles from the poles.

8. Pavilion Tent by SafStar

Some people liked this 10x10 canopy tent, however, most people say it does not stay together, keeps coming apart, but it looks nice if stays together.

7. Portable Canopy Tent with Carrying Bag

Portable 10'X10' tent by Trademark Innovations. Received 322 reviews with 3.5/5 stars. Most people were pleased with the product with some suggestions for this outdoor canopy tent. Buy a different carrying bag, slightly larger and stronger. Buy the black one, as it blocks out the sun, and maybe have an extra person to help get it up. The complaints stem from defective parts received, however for the price the hardware is good.

6. Instant Canopy Tent - 10ft by 10ft

10'X10' tent with side walls by Best Choice. This canopy tent 10x10 received 82 reviews with 2.8/5 stars. People liked the price, easy setup, great to get out of the rain, and short time use. The complaints were of poor craftsmanship, arrived broken, and won't stay together.

5. Quick Shade Expedition Tent

This canopy tent 10x10 received 128 reviews and 3.2/5 stars and does not get an overall great rating. However, it has incredible shade reduction and is easy to setup. Complaints are weak support bars, pin holes in the canvas, and just did not last.

4. Golf Course Canopy Tents

This 10x20 canopy tent had mixed reviews with some loving it for the price, temporary tent, cheaper than renting. With duct tape to use as setting it up keeps it in place, thus the bad reviews. People wanted an easy up stay in place tent without all the hassle of doing your own added reinforcements.

3. AmazonBasics Popup Tent

10'X10' pop up by Amazon Basics. Received 148 reviews and 3.7/5 stars with mostly pleased customers rating this the best canopy tent. Most people loved it, two people set up, a little heavy but comes with a wheeled bag. Complaints appear to be from defective parts and being left up instead of taken down after each use.

2. Green Coleman Canopy Tents

Sun wall accessory for the Coleman canopy tent. Received 213 reviews with 4/5 stars so gets an over good rating for canopy tents. Everyone loves this. The complaints are from people who did not read the description, thought they were getting the whole tent. Another complaint is that it does not fit all the Coleman 10'X10" tents, meaning you must make adjusts to use it.

1. Best Canopy Tents

A 10'X10' pop up canopy by Best Choice. Received 115 reviews and 3.2/5 start. Mixed reviews so not a particularly small canopy tent. Some people loved it, saying to take your time and read the instructions for proper installation. Buy extra weights for tie down, and great value, instead of renting. The complaints were of them falling apart after putting them up and not lasting.

Remember when looking to buy a canopy tent, read all the reviews, follow the suggestions buyers make and get the right one you need for your use. 

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