The Best 4 Person Tent of 2017

If you plan to go camping or hiking with friends soon, this review of the best 4 person tent is perfect for you. We've looked at hundred of the 4 person tents and found the top 40 best of the best. Enjoy your new four person tent!

40. 4 Person Green Coleman Tent - $56.86

The Sundome 4 person tent comes in your choice of green or navy. It includes a large door with a hooded fly for proper ventilation. This tent provides extreme weather protection. This Sundome tent is extremely easy to put up and take down. This tent also includes a flashlight loop for convenience.

39. Orange Tent for 4 People - $54.99

The AmazonBasics Tent is a 3 season 4 person tent. This tent is durable and water resistant. It is 100% polyester and comes with shock-corded poles.

38. 4 Person Teepee Tent - $98.00

The Wnnideo Instant Family Tent is a large 4 person tent perfect for a bigger group. The tent automatically pops up and is ideal for those who love to participate in outdoor sports as it is waterproof. It is made with UV protected material. There are 6 mesh panels that protect the tent from insects while keeping the tent breathable.

37. 4 Person Instant Brown Coleman Tent - $129.37

The Coleman 4 person tent is larger than you might think. You can easily fit two queen size air mattresses. This is a great option for a couple who likes to camp with a roomy sleeping environment. This heavy duty tent is made with a vinyl type fabric. It breathes well and cleans very easily.

36. 4 Person Coleman Pop Up Tent - Green - $56.99

The Coleman Popup Tent doesn't look like your average camping tent. This is a one man tent that assembles itself. The material is sturdy but still flexible and folds well. Setting up this tent is effortless, as you simply remove it from the zippered cover and release.

35. Busen 4 Person Camping Tent - $79.99

The Amazon Busen Mountain Waterproof Outdoor Camping Tent is one of the coolest 4 person tents and comes with large windows for excellent ventilation. It also has a ground vent that helps the air move in and out. It has a patented Weathertec System that helps ensure you stay dry. This tent sets up in minutes and is perfect for two people who want extra room.

34. Water Resistant Blue 4 Person SEMOO Camping Tent - $74.99

The SEMOO is a large 4 person tent that comes with a carry bag. This is a great stylish tent for a small family or group. It is made with high-quality materials and offers a competitive price. It comes with a removable rainfly allowing you to lay back and look at the stars while being protected from the outdoor elements.

33. Multi-season Camping Tent for 4 People - SEMOO - $72.99

The SEMOO Water Resistant 4 Person Tent is extremely durable. There are several windows for ventilation with a top cover to protect you from the rain. The tent will withstand heavy gusts of wind and takes one person alone only 10 minutes to put up. A high strength fiberglass frame provides stability rainy weather. Convenient inner pockets offer storage for daily necessities. The tent also dissembles in minutes and can be folded into its convenient compression bag for easy storage and transport.

32. Red Wenzel 4 Person Camping Tent - 10 x 8 - $100.66

The Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent is a roomy 5 person tent. It even has a two room family dome perfect for smaller families. The shock-cord fiberglass poles provide you with easy setup. There is also a hanging dividing curtain for privacy. The "bath tub" bottom which is very well seamed and made of polyethylene which is much more durable than nylon taffeta which is very commonly used.

31. Coleman Sundome Tent for 4 People - $48.07

This blue Coleman Sundome tent is just like a 4 person tent however, it's perfect for smaller families or a couple. There is a large rear hooded window that provides cross ventilation. The polyethylene floor protects against leaks. The mesh roof helps for proper ventilation and the polyethylene bottom protects against extreme weather. There are electrical access ports so you can run air conditioning power directly into the tent. This is the perfect tent for summer vacation. The best 4 person tent on the market doesn't even compare to this Coleman tent. 

30. Coleman Carlsbad Dome Tent - 4 People - $148.98

The Coleman Carlsbad 4 Dome Dark Room Tent is a 4 person tent that is primarily used for outdoor camping. The dark room technology blocks 97% of sunlight. Ideal for those with babies or small children or early sleepers. It also reduces how much the tent will heat up by 9%. The dark room technology acts like a screen room. You can hang out in the tent watching nature unfold right before your eyes. The tent fits and can be transported easily in the carry bag. 

29. 3-4 Person Tent - Blue - SEMOO - $49.99

The SEMOO double layer tent for 3-4 people is lightweight with easy setup pole pockets. This is a 4 person tent with extra room for storage. It has a large door that gives you easy access in and out. The large panels are made of mesh and ventilate throughout the tent. It is made from durable polyester which will keep you dry.

28. Alps 4 Person Tent - Waterproof - $42.99

This Alps 4 person tent is packed with adventure and fun throughout. It comes with an ultraviolet-proof and shock-corded fiberglass frame for quick and easy setup. There is also a mosquito net door. It sleeps 4 people comfortably and comes with a pre-attached hub. This tent is great for a day trip or a family camping trip.

27. Large Multi-room Tent by Coleman - 4 Person Tent - $124.88

The Coleman Evanston Screen Tent sleeps eight people and has a full-screen front porch. Its high-quality weather system is guaranteed to keep you dry. If you are planning on going camping with a larger family or group, this is the tent for you. The front can fit two chairs and a small end table. This is the RV of tents for camping.

26. Mountain Trails Tent for 4 People - $49.50

The Mountain Trails South Bend Tent is 4 person tent for families or big groups of people camping outdoors. This compact sports dome style tent provides excellent ventilation. It has a utility pocket and gear loft for storage. The stow and go system makes it convenient for packing up.

25. EverKing Tent for 4 Persons - $24.99

The Evergreen Portable Outdoor Folding Tent is another 4 person tent that can be modified to fit fewer people if needed. It is a lightweight, waterproof tent that is perfect for hiking trips, camping, and outdoor sporting trips. It comes with a folding tent, a carry bag, and fixed nails. It also offers you an impressive one year warranty.

24. Green Sundome 4 Person Hiking Tent - $71.10

The green Sundome tent comes with a one year warranty. It is also considered a 4 person tent because it provides a lot of extra room for other people to enjoy. There are two windows for excellent views and ventilation. Rainfly in included for extra weather protection.

23. ALPS Mountaineering Tent for 4 People - $142.74

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is another 4 person tent that is one of the very best. This tent has an easy two door entry and mesh windows for ventilation. The factory sealed fly and floor seam provide extra weather protection. It includes 7075 aluminum stakes, guy ropes, mesh storage pocket and gear loft. It is easy to setup, even for one person. This tent is sturdy and goes all the way to the ground which keeps the rain out.

22. XL Coleman Camping Tent for 4 People - $151.19

When you need something bigger than a 4 person tent the Coleman 8 Person Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Cabin Tent with Closet is a dream. This tent actually comes with a built-in closet with hanger bars to organize your clothes. It has a fast pitch system with pre-attached, color-coded poles and hub, fast fit feet, and Snag-Free insta-clip suspension. This tent is for families and groups that like to relax in comfort and style. It comes at an affordable price and only takes 9 minutes to setup.

21. Dome Tent for 4 Persons - $160

The Coleman Juniper Lake Tent is the pop-up of all pop-ups with a 60 second setup time. This is a 4 person tent that is designed with a hybrid powder coated steel and fiberglass poles. It has a 'bathtub style' floor that protects against extreme weather. There are two windows with a mesh panel that circulates air throughout the tent. It only takes about 1 minute to take this fabulous tent down.

20. CORE 4 Person Instant Tent - $89.99

This instant tent is a 4 person tent that sets up in only 30 seconds. It features a gear loft with lantern hook and pockets to keep your stuff organized and not on the bottom of the tent floor. It also included rainfly, tent stakes, and a carry bag.

19. Taurus 4 Person Camping Tent - $114.31

The ALPS Mountaineering Taurus is a 4 person tent used primarily for mountain hiking and camping. This free standing tent has a factory sealed fly and floor seam for optimal protection against the elements. The mesh roof improves air circulation. The two doors both have mesh windows so you won't have to worry about bugs.

18. The Hooligan Tent by Coleman - Red - $36.78

The Coleman Hooligan is a 4 person tent for the great outdoors or for camping trips at the Grand Canyon. It has a full coverage fly that turns the tent into a cocoon. This is the tent for you if you like to camp in harsh weather conditions. It can withstand storms and heavy winds. You only need a single pole to set up this simple tent. What also makes this 4 person tent so great is that it is fire retardant.

17. Orange Four Person Camping Tent - $24.94

This orange Milestone tent is designed to fit four people comfortably and safely. The tent is made of great quality and is popular among those who enjoy using it for festivals and camping. This is an incredibly lightweight tent making it easy to carry around. It cannot withstand prolonged heavy rain, just a light shower.

16. 4 Person Kelty Yellowstone Tent - $109.85

This multi-season four person Kelty tent is one of the best for sale online. Like the name, this gray Kelty tent is perfect for camping at national parks. It is comfortable enough to sleep 4 and is extremely affordable. The setup is so simple and requires only 2 poles. It also has a polyester rain fly which not only keeps the bugs out but will also keep you dry.

15. Indy 4-5 Person Hiking Tent - $154.99

The NTK INDY GT Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent is 100% waterproof. This is a premium tent and one of the best 4 person tents on the market today. It can withstand rain, strong winds, and heat. It also protects you from other harsh elements and ventilation enhancement.

14. D-Shape Door Tent for Three or Four People by SEMOO - $65.99

The SEMOO D-Shape Door is another cool 4 person tent and is perfect for family camping for 4 seasons. It is made of ventilating material while keeping the tent bug free. It even has a vestibule that gives you extra storage space. You can store your wallet or other small items in the inner pockets.

13. Compact Four Person Tent by Coleman - $35.86

The Sundome Four Person Tent is for couples who love the outdoors. Obviously, it is the smaller of the tents but it's still has a large door for easy entry and exit. The hooded fly allows ventilation through the tent. It has an electrical access port so you can run air conditioning into the tent. There are storage pockets on the interior and a convenient clip pole sleeve construction.

12. Professional Backpacking Tent by Weanas - $94.99

The WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent is one of the most unique looking tents on the market. It is an awesome 4 person tent with a door that can be opened from the inside and outside. It is made with waterproof fabric and easy to install.

11. 3 Season Tent for Four People - Mountainsmith - $114.79

The Mountainsmith Genesee backpacking beauty is a 4 person tent with two doors and two vestibules for tons of storage space. There is a color coded setup including fly vents, gear loft, gear pockets and reflective guy lines. There is a headlamp slot so you can have optimal indoor lighting. Each corner has interior storage pockets and this tent is fire retardant.

10. Large 4 Person Dome Tent by Eureka - $199.90

The EUREKA! Copper Canyon is one of the coolest 4 person tents on the market. It's a straight-walled, cabin-style tent that will sleep your family comfortably. Summer storms will keep you dry due to the sealed floor and fly seams. Ventilation through 4 large windows and the roof. An extension cord can be run through the tent through its flap.

9. Coleman Montana Tent - Green - $118.99

The Montana 6 tent from Coleman can sleep up to 6 but is a great 4 person tent for comfort. There is a large D-style door which makes it easy to come and go. There is a fabulous large awning that is hooded and hangs over the front door. Not only does it provide airflow, but it's a great place to lounge while staying out of the sun or rain. There is an electrical access port so you can run air conditioning.

8. SEMOO Large 4 Person Tent - $45.99

This particular SEMOO tent a great option for a small family. This large green tent is made from durable polyester to keep you safe and dry. It also has a D-style door for easy access in and out. While this tent is small, there are mesh window panels for excellent ventilation.

7. Large Dome Tent for Cold Weather - FiveJoy - $149

The FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent is a 4 person tent used mostly for backpacking trips to the Grand Canyon. This is one of the easiest tents to set up and take down. There are no tent poles or complicated instructions. There are mesh window openings on the right and left sides that provide ventilation and privacy.

6. Family Tent for 4 People - $72.99

The STAR HOME Tents Factory tent is a 4 person tent that it so roomy it can fit 6 people. This tent is lightweight so you can take it anywhere. It comes with easy setup poles and a rain fly for unexpected weather. This tent has a waterproof bottom and is made of canvas.

5. Meramac Tent for Four People - $98.98

The Meramac Series tents are a two pole free-standing tent. There are two doors for exit and entry making it convenient at night time to get out without bothering others. If the weather is hot it also is great for extra ventilation.

4. Ashland Outdoor Hiking Tent for 4 People - $249.99

The Columbia Sportswear Ashland is another very cool 4 person tent that people use for hiking trips. This tent has fiberglass poles and window awnings which make this tent extremely sturdy. It is made with Omni-Shield Advanced Repellency technology which makes this tent stain and water resistant.

3. Nemo 4 Person Tent for Short People - $699.95

When you don't need a 4 person tent, the second best option is the Nemo Tenshi 2P 4-Season Mountaineering Tent. This tent is so comfortable and durable, you can use it practically anywhere and in any climate. If you're into stylish tents, check out our post about Nemo tents on Tentsy. 

2. Nemo 4 Person Tent - Dark Timber - $487.20

The Nemo Dark Timber tent is another great 4 person tent that has a patent pending Spring Link Feature. It is the first wall tent that is so lightweight and has an overhanging roof and waterproof walls.

1. Nemo Wagontop 4 Person Tent - $499.95

The Nemo Wagontop Camping Tent is has a unique pole structure with a ton of living space. Optional Accessories: NEMO Wagontop Footprint, Gear Caddy and Garage. Included Accessories: Drawstring Stuff Sack, Stakes, Guy-Out cord and Repair Kit.
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