The Best Grow Tent of 2017

With the legalization of marijuana across the United States of American, there has been a growing (get it?!) demand for the need to grow one's own product. It's with this spirt in mind that we've found the best grow tent for your buck. From small, indoor grow tents to large, sprawling grow tents, we've found the top 50 best in the market. Enjoy your new grow tent! 

50. Hydronic Grow Tent by Yescom

This is a very good grow tent to use for your plants. The vents work like a charm and it being all metal makes for a long lasting tent. The straps to hang the lights work very well. This is one of the best grow tents you can purchase anywhere online.

49. Reflective Mylar Grow Tent Kit

This is an incredible grow tent when it comes to cultivating marijuana or cannabis crops of any kind. The adjustable light hangers are amazing and you can put your lights up where ever you want them to hang. If you spill something it is alright because the floors are waterproof which makes for an easy clean up if you spill something. 

48. Ohuhu 4ft by 4ft by 7ft Grow Tent for Weed

This is a heavy duty grow tent. It is constructed in such a way that no light will escape the tent. Not only is it waterproof but it is also tear proof making this along lasting tent. 

47. 4ft by 3ft by 5ft Marijuana Grow Tent

A grow tent that is sure to impress even the most hardcore gardener. This grow tent is light, tight, and extremely reflective. The canvas of this grow tent for cannabis is extra thick to make it last for a long time. Installation is very simple and it is quick to put together. 

46. Luxury Grow Tent Kit - XL - 12ft by 12ft

This tent was perfect to use. It was big enough to fit all the plants in it. It keeps the light in and is able to maintain temperature for the plants and flowers that grow inside. The frame is super sturdy and will last for years to come. Absolutely amazing tent. 

45. 4ft by 4ft Gorilla Grow Tent

Of the weed grow tents on this list, this one, in particular, is incredibly dependable and sturdy. This Gorilla grow tent does not have any plastic anywhere making it a long lasting tent. It was easy to install and comes with everything needed to set up. 

44. Small 2ft by 2ft Grow Tent by IDAODAN

The tent holds its temperature very well and the lighting is great in it. The light straps hold the light just right so the plants get as much light as possible. Just right in size for the number of plants it needs to hold. 

43. CO2 Bag for Homegrown Grow Tents

This product is absolutely amazing and is a great addition to your marijuana grow tent. It will last up to nine months, so you do not have to replace it anytime soon. Not only will you get the CO2 but you will also get a pair of clothes to go along with it. This helped the plants stay healthy and grow nice a big.

42. Milliard 3ft by 3ft Tent for Growing Cannabis

This tent offers a nice window so you can see in it without having to open the door each time. It has wonderful heat control and keeps the plants at a certain temperature at all times.

41. 4ft by 2ft by 5ft Hydroponic Grow Tent

This item was very simple to put together. Every piece just simply snapped together. Once it was put together it was simple to hang the lights and set the plants in it. It works very well for the plants that are growing on the inside. 

40. Garden Grow Tent for Marijuana Hydroponics

This is a great indoor grow tent and fits just right in the space that it sits in. It is not too big or too small and has an air duct fan that works great to keep the temperature just right to help the weed plants to grow. 

39. Medium-sized Grow Tents for Weed

This reflective indoor grow tent works miracles for your plants. It is perfect to grow your plants in an environment that will protect them from bugs and any other harmful things. It is heavy duty and will last a long time.

38. Small Gorilla Grow Tent

This tent is easy to put together and comes with height adjusting poles so you can have the tent as tall as you need it. If you are trying to grow big plants this is the perfect tent for you. It is so durable that you will not need to buy a new one anytime soon. Is perfect.

37. 3ft by 3ft by 6ft Hydroponic Grow Tent by Milliard

The tent is made for the easy indoor growing of seedlings or plants. If you are trying to start off your plants and have much more to come, then this is the perfect tent for you. It has climate control so you can grow your plants in an easy manner.

36. 3ft by 3ft VivoSun Grow Tent

The tent has an observation window and a floor tray to it easier to grow plants and makes it more comfortable to use. No more bending over to see how your plants are doing all you need to do is open up the viewing window. 

35. Super Stealth Grow Tent Kit

This metal box will up a more than a few plants. This stealth grow tent is small and just right for the planter that is just starting out. It has a latch on the door to make sure it is sealed to keep the temperature and light on the inside to help your plants grow in a healthy manner. 

34. 2ft by 4ft by 5ft Weed Grow Tent

The heavy duty material that is used on the outside makes for a durable grow tent. It will not fall apart any time soon. The light bars are easy to install. You will have this tent set up in not time at all. 

33. 6ft by 6ft Large Grow Tent by Apollo Horticulture

The awesome grow tent comes with filter straps and a floor tray. The instructions are very easy to understand and read. You will have this tent up in no time at all. You will be ready to put your plants in very quickly. 

32. Hydroponic Grow Tents for Weed

This cool grow tent has two viewing windows and a door. It is fairly big so you can grow a good amount of plants in it. It is great for indoor growing when you do not have any other place to put plants. You simply put the plants in and watch them grow. Absolutely wonderful tent. 

31. iPyramid 600D Indoor Grow Tent for Marijuana

The tent uses non-toxic material to keep the plants safe at all times. It is a mesh window for viewing and vent holes big enough so that the temperature stays the same at all times. The light stays in and does not escape giving the plants more light to grow with.

30. 3ft by 3ft by 6ft Weed Grow Tents

This tent is tall enough that makes for easy access to the plants making it easier for you to take care of them. The removable floor tray is awesome and the vents work very well. This is an amazing tent to use for all your indoor plant growing needs.

29. XL Hydroonic Indoor Grow Tent

This stylish grow tent blocked all the light from escaping and keeps the plants nice and warm. It is the perfect environment to grow strong, big and healthy plants. It is easy to assemble and will not take you long at all.

28. Super Large Grow Tent for Weed

This eco-friendly grow tent is perfect for growing plants in. It is easy to set up especially the light hanging bars. The lights are easy to install and it keeps the plants temperature from changing creating the perfect environment to grow your plants in.

27. Secret Grow Tents by Jardin

This tent has a huge door making it easy to install the plants. It also has a small viewing window so you can see the plants at all times. The vents are good to help keep the temperature at the same level to help the plants to grow.

26. XL iPower Grow Tents for Sale

The removable floor tray is awesome, it makes it so much easier to clean. It was a breeze to put together, everything just snaps into place. The frame will hold up to ninety pounds making it where a light will hang very easily. 

25. Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent for Cannabis

For all your indoor plant growing needs, you will want this tent. It is perfect to grow any type of plant in. There are so many plants to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect plant for this amazing tent. 

24. TopoLite 2ft by 2ft by 4ft Indoor Weed Grow Tent

This tent filters out the white light creating a perfect growing environment for your plants. It as a metal corner so that it is sturdy and will not fall apart any time soon. It is big enough for all your plant growing needs. 

23. Urban Grow Tent for Indoor Operations

The frame on this tent works like a charm. It can lower my power bill because it dispenses light instead of getting rid of it. The light can be somewhere else. The plants grow very well in this tent. You will like this tent very much.

22. 2ft by 2ft XS Indoor Grow Tents for Weed

The tent is built to last for a long time. It has a sturdy and durable outside cover. It keeps the light tight and is extra thick creating the perfect growing environment for your plants. The zipper does not jam up, it is made out of heavy duty metal. This tent is a must have. 

21. Super Big Indoor Grow Tent by Anjeet

Light weight but durable tent to start growing your plants in. Has a large heavy duty zipper for easy access to the plants that you are growing. It has multiple vents for fans and a filter to get rid of the harshest of weed smoke and fumes. When it comes to the best grow tents of 2017, few compare to the Anjeet reflective grow tent. 

20. 4ft by 4ft by 8ft Non Toxic Grow Box

This marijuana grow tent is designed specifically for horticulture industry and will offer you the best of climate control for your plants. The cannabis grow tent is weather resistant on the outside so the weather can not ruin your tent. It prevents light from entering or escaping the tent providing your plants with the best possible lighting there is. 

19. Grow Tent and Grow Light Combo

This is an amazing tent. It is a long lasting tent that will help your plants grow by providing it with the perfect amount of light for an eighteen hour day. This grow tent is one of the best on the market today and is sure to win around year around. 

18. Vivosun Grow Tents - XL

Sun blocking tent is the best way to go when you are wanting to grow certain types of plants. This tent can do that for you. With the extra thick canvas, this tent is sturdy and durable. It will meet all your needs when it comes to indoor growing.

17. D-Door Grow Tent Kit by Milliard

This tent is great for starting your plants off. It has an amazing viewing window to see the plants without having to open the door each time you want to check on them. The interior lining is wonderful because it helps keeps the temperature just right and the light in the tent from escaping. Of all the marijuana tents we reviewed for this impressive list, few compared to the Milliard grow tent. 

16. Small Grow Tent Kit

This tent was easy and quick to assemble. The directions where easy to read and understand. It did not take long at all to get the plants in the tent. The tubing is very heavy duty so lights can be hung and not have to be worried that they will fall or break the tent.

15. Eco Grow Tent - 3ft by 3ft by 6ft

No light leaks out of this tent. It is very durable and heavy duty. It will meet all your needs when it comes to growing plants in an eco-friendly environment. This is one of the greatest and most effective grow tents on the market today. Put simply, this grow tent for marijuana is amazing. 

14. Huge 6ft Grow Tent by iPower

This light proof tent is exactly what you need when it comes to growing plants indoors. It is heavy duty and will not break very easily. The tent has a removable floor tray to allow easy cleaning. This tent will do the job when it comes to growing indoor plants.

13. Oshion 2ft by 2ft by 4ft Small Indoor Grow Tent Kit

These awesome grow tents look like a wardrobe closet. The zippers are hidden under flaps so you can not see them at all. It has two vents to regulate air flow and it does not allow light to seep through the cracks. It is completely black. Amazing tent.

12. Indoor Grow Kit for Weed by Valuebox

This small but yet very workable tent is exactly what you need if you have a small place you want to grow indoor plants in. It will very easily sit in the corner of a room and quietly grow your plants for you. It is an amazing grow tent and one of the top ones on the market today.

11. Hydroponic Grow Lab

This huge grow tent is absolutely amazing! It has enough room to grow a lot of plants in it, if you are looking for a tent that will grow a lot of plants at one time, then this is the tent for you!

10. Extra Large TopoLite Cheap Grow Tent

This is a dark room tent that is completely black. It keeps the light in the tent so that the plants grow big and strong. It regulates the temperature very well and is just big enough to meet all your planting needs.

9. Idaodan Hydroponic Weed Grow Tent Kit - XL

This is a very durable yet heavy duty tent that will make for a perfect place to grow your plants. It was a fast and easy installation, so It was up and running in no time at all. This tent will meet all your plant growing needs and is highly recommended. 

8. Reflective Mylar Grow Tent for Marijuana

The outside is completely black so that the light stays on the inside. The inner lining is amazing because it is high-quality aluminum foil, this helps keep the temperature steady and the same for the plants.

7. Mylar Grow Tent Kit for Indoor Hydroponics

This tear proof tent will keep your plants happy for many years to come. It is long lasting and will not break down on you. It keeps the light in the tent and helps keep the plants warm year around. The ventilation system is perfect to regulate the incoming and out going air. This is an awesome tent and perfect for all your plant growing needs.

6. Literally One of the Best Grow Tents for Sale Online

This tent block all the light from escaping. The light will stay inside the tent because the zippers are made of high-quality material. The tent is black so the outside light will not come into the tent. This grow tent has vent holes to help regulate air control and helps to keep the marijuana smell from getting to potent. 

5. Grow Tents by Apollo - 4ft by 2ft by 5ft

This tent for growing cannabis was easy to set up and the instructions were very easy to follow. Not only was this grow tent easy to set up quickly, but it came with all the parts that were needed to make the marijuana grow tent work. It is highly reflective and maintains the heat needed for the plants to grow big and strong.

4. Water-Resistant Indoor Grow Tent for Weed

This two door tent is amazing. It has easy access to check the plants to make sure they do not need anything. It has heavy duty, all steel poles so the tent will stand nice and strong for many years. This is the tent you need for all your plant growing needs.

3. Dorm Room Grow Kit

This Hydroponic Grow Tent is the best grow tent you can get. It has two observation windows so that you can check on the plants easily. The door opens smoothly so that you can get in and out with ease without throwing your back out. This is one of the top grow tents on the market as it is extremely efficient. 

2. Adjustable Hydroponic Tent for Growing Cannabis

The tent was easy to set up and there were no tools needed. The directions were easy to read and understand which made for a quick set up. The vents are rectangular and mesh so the venting systems works better than most tents. Multiple venting wholes to help regulate the air that comes and goes from the tent to help the plants grow.

1. The Best Grow Tent on the Planet

Coming in #1 on our list of the best grow tents of 2017, we chose the Apollo grow tent because it is perfect for apartments. It is not too big but yet big enough to hold all your planting needs. There is plenty of room inside the tent for growing plants but yet small enough to fit into small places. It is the perfect starter tent for those that are just starting out in the plant growing business. This is an amazing tent and is highly recommend for all your planting needs.

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