Top 35 Best Marmot Tents of 2017

If you're looking for a functional tent that is also nice to look at then look no further than Marmot tents. From single person tents that pop up instantly to large, wide tents that fit more than 6 people inside, we've round the top 35 best Marmot tents of 2017. Whether you use your new Marmot tent for camping, hiking, or just playing, we hope you enjoy it!

35. Marmot Pulsar 2 Person Tent - Vintage Orange

This is the first of many on the list of best marmot tents that will be reviewed in this article. This tent is highly regarded among buyers, holding a highly esteemed 5-star rating on Amazon. It is a good size for a 2-person tent, featuring a see-through design so that the view of the night sky remains uninhibited. With DAC poles, a free standing design, nylon rip stops, and much more, this tent is a steal for the price it is sold at. Any buyer will not be disappointed in this product.

34. Brown 4 Person Tent by Marmot

The next on the list of best marmot tents is the Marmot Colfax 4P tent. While it doesn’t currently have any ratings on Amazon, it goes out of stock quickly, which speaks to its grand construction. This tent comes with 2 entrances and the ability to connect to a vestibule or second tent, creating that much more living space. This tent comes with color-coded “easy pitch” clips and poles for easy setup and dismantling.

33. 2 Person Marmot Amp Tent

The 2 Person Marmot Amp tent is the next on the list of best Marmot tents. This tent isn’t quite as big as the last tent, but it does offer the option of having a see-through top and a covered tent for a darker interior. The see-through top allows for good air-flow and a stunning view of the beautiful surroundings. On the other hand, the cover allows for privacy both in the daytime and nighttime.

32. Marmot Tungsten 1 Person Sandstorm/Blaze Tent

This next tent, in relation to the best marmot tents, definitely offers more living space than some of the other tents on this list. While it only has 4 stars on Amazon, it offers a see-through top, allowing for maximum viewing pleasure. It has a large door and bright poles, making it easy to find in the dark. This tent offers more than enough room for one person.

31. 2017 Marmot Steel 4 Person Tungsten Tent

The 2017 Marmot Steel 4 Person Tent reviewed here definitely belongs on the best Marmot tents list. It offers 2 D-shaped doors that can easily turn into two vestibules. The tent has been constructed in such a way that it offers the most possible living and head space to its campers. A convenient lamp shade holder can hold your headlamp securely in order to provide ambient light.

30. Copper/Olive 2 Person Colfax Tent

The Copper/Olive 2 person Colfax Marmot tent that offers so many options will always belong on the best Marmot tents list. The camper will find a super-sized double door entrance, a rear door, and a vestibule option. The shelter can also be converted from a tent cover to a heated shelter. The bright colors of the tent make it very easy to find in a dense forest, allowing a sense of safety and comfort to campers.

29. 4 Person Colfax Tent by Marmot 

This 4 person Colfax Tent by Marmot offers a few features not seen on the rest of this list of the best Marmot tents. The creators made this tent with head zone pre-bends to offer the most living and head space. The tent also compacts down to be about average knee height and just a little wider than the average leg. Such compactness makes for easy travel and storage.

28. 4 Person Limestone Tent by Marmot

The limestone version of a Marmot tent is definitely one of the prettiest on the list of best Marmot tents. Aside from the visual enjoyment, you will receive from this tent, it comes with a door mat and hanging organizer, making it easy to keep track of all the little tools needed for camping. With a heavy duty floor, campers won’t have to worry about wear and tear anytime soon.

27. Orange Midpines 4 Person Tent by Marmot 

This bright Marmot tent will offer you safety while camping in the forest. With a large door and easy setup and tear down, it’s no wonder that this product goes out of stock quickly. The red and orange coloration makes this tent easy to keep track of and acts as a warning to animals to stay away.

26. Marmot Ultralight Tungsten 2 Person Tent

Next on the list of best Marmot tents is the Marmot Ultralight Tungsten 2 person tent. It comes in a bright yellow color, making for easy visibility. The tent comes with 2 doors and the option of either a covered or mesh top.

25. Ultra Sports Mountain Tent by Teton 

The Ultra Sports Mountain Tent by TETON, while it may deviate from most tents on the best tents list, is a fantastic tent. It’s lightweight, compact design offers campers the ability to backpack with it and have access to more non-traditional camping sites.

24. Winterial Lightweight 3 Season Tent 

The Winterial Lightweight 3 Season tent has been added to the best marmot tents list for obvious reasons. The setup up and storage makes this roomy 2 person tent easy to pack and store. It’s light enough to even backpack with, allowing for a wonderful experience for any camper.

23. Lime 3 Person Marmot Tent

A 3 person Marmot tent is a wonderful choice for the best marmot tents list. It offers plenty of living space while still remaining light and functional. The DAC pressed poles are a nice touch and make set up a breeze. 

22. 6 Person Limestone/Orange Tent by Marmot

This 6 person tent is the first of its kind to be reviewed on the best Marmot tents list, and it belongs. The 6 person tent compacts down to an easily transported and stored size, allowing for maximum efficiency while camping. The bright orange color is perfect for high-visibility requirements, and the cover flap converts into a nice sunshade.

21. Limestone 6 Person Tent by Marmot

While this tent only has an overall of 3-star ratings on Amazon, most of the reviews are five stars, speaking to the quality of this 6 person tent. The poles are brightly colored, allowing for easy location within the packaging. A door mat and hanging organizer are also included with purchase.

20. Marmot Copper/Olive 3 Person Tent

The 3 person copper and olive Marmot tent featured here is another great addition to the best marmot tents list. The three zip-closure windows are a nice touch, allowing for maximum ventilation and privacy, while also keeping out those pesky bugs. The super-sized door also allows for easy access to weary campers.

19. Marmot Limestone 4 Person Tent 

This dark cedar colored, 4 person Marmot tent also belongs on the best marmot tents list. The cedar color is perfect for the hunter that wants to remain invisible to local wildlife. With an open air design with the option to have it covered, it is perfect for both wilderness viewing and privacy needs.

18. Limelight Orange/White 2 Person Tent by Marmot

The next tent featured on the best Marmot tents list is the Limelight 2 person tent. This tent offers many perks, including a quiet, no snag zipper, full weather protection from even the fiercest rainstorms, and more. This is the perfect tent for any backpacker.

17. 3 Season Sandstorm Tungsten Tent by Marmot

The 3 Season Sandstorm Tungsten 4 person Marmot tent is a must have for any camper researching what the best marmot tents are. With its spacious design, two entrances, and easy setup, this tent just can’t be beaten! The bright orange cover allows for easy visibility, and the mesh underneath allows for maximum ventilation.

16. Argent 4 Person Tent by Marmot

Any adamant camper will tell you that the best Marmot tents are the three season tents. This Argent 4 Person Marmot tent offers both comfort and portability. Campers are even given the option to raise the height of the interior with a two-option setup. This tent is a must have for any camper.

15. Malaia Gold Limestone Marmot Tent 

This next tent has more than earned its place on the best Marmot tents list. With its patented easy setup design and its free standing ability, the 4 person Malaia Gold tent is as functional as it is beautiful. The interior small gear pockets are just an added plus when purchasing this tent.

14. Lime Green Starlight 1 Person Marmot Tent

The Marmot Starlight tent is a great option for the camper looking to the best Marmot tents list for a good single person tent. This tent offers waterproof material and a small vestibule, perfect for keeping your boots—and yourself—dry and warm.

13. Marmot Catalyst Burnt Orange 3 Person Tent

This next tent also belongs on the best Marmot tents list. The Catalyst 3 person tent offers plenty of room for any camper. The strategic clip placement allows the user the absolute most room possible and the aluminum poles make the tent light and easy to move.

12. 6 Person Orange Halo Tent by Marmot

The Halo 6 person tent is another first on this list of best Marmot tents. The halo design offers the most head space while also allowing enough floor space for 6 people to sleep comfortably. The full coverage fly is also fully seam taped, ensuring the tent will last for many years.

11. Mossy Green Tungsten 2 Person Tent by Marmot

The Mossy Green Tungsten 2 person tent comes in on the best Marmot tents list with one of the most enticing names. This backpacking tent inspires thoughts of superheroes and supernatural abilities in campers. The lightweight design makes for easy transportation and with a name like Green Shadow, backpackers will feel invincible.

10. 4 Person Mossy Green Tungsten Tent by Marmot

The Marmot Mossy Green Tungsten tent is another on the list of best Marmot tents that will blend into the natural surroundings well. This 4 person tent is perfect for a team of hunters looking to sleep comfortably while blending in so as not to alert the surrounding wildlife. The mesh allows for a well-ventilated tent, while the cover allows for nighttime privacy.

9. Marmot Limelight Gray/Orange 4 Person Tent

This 4 person Cinder Rust tent is another tent on the list of best Marmot tents that sells out quickly. Campers that are looking for a spacious tent with a large front door will be more than satisfied with this dark tent. The easy setup and tear down is also perfect for any family that is going on a camping trip.

8. 4 Person Orange Halo Tent by Marmot

This halo tent is another good addition to the best Marmot tents list. Its DAC DA17 poles allow for easy transportation of this 4 person tent. The orange color is a great safety feature for campers that are concerned about local wildlife.

7. Large 4 Person Limestone Tent by Marmot

The zone construction of this Marmot tent makes it one of the roomiest tents on the best Marmot tents list. The waterproof fabric will also allow any camper the peace of mind of knowing that they won’t wake up in a puddle of water.

6. Marmot Burnt Orange 2 Person Tent

The Marmot Burnt Orange 2 Person tent is another great addition to the best Marmot tents list. The spacious floor design ensures at least two people can sleep comfortably, and the jingle-free nylon zipper pulls ensure that no one will be disturbed when the door is opened. This tent is truly a great addition to any camper’s gear.

5. Catalyst Burnt Orange 2 Person Tent

Similar to some of the other tents on the best Marmot tents list, this Catalyst Marmot tent features the usual additions that most Marmot tents have, but this tent sells much faster than others. Perhaps the easy color-coded poles and clips are the selling point. Or maybe the dual entrances and vestibule options. Whatever it is, this is a solid tent choice.

4. 8 Person Limestone/Orange Tent by Marmot

This 8 person tent is one of the biggest tents featured on the best Marmot tents list. Even though this tent holds 8 people, it can be stored in a bag that is just above average knee height and about the width of two average legs. That’s impressively small for such a spacious tent.

3. Large 3 Person Gray/Orange Marmot Tent

The next tent on the best Marmot tents list is the 3 person Gray and Orange Marmot tent. This 3 person tent is very spacious and features a free-standing design with a very large floor plan. There is one door and vestibule, and the clips and poles are color coded.

2. 3 Person Tungsten Tent by Marmot

The second to last tent featured on the best Marmot tents list is the wonderful 3 person Marmot tent. As a backpacking tent, it has a naturally light design, making travel with it easy and enjoyable. This tent also features color coded easy pitch clips and poles, a spacious floor plan, and mesh exterior with the option to cover up with a solid cover.

1. Marmot Mossy Green 3 Person Tungsten Tent 

The last tent featured on the best Marmot tents list is the well-priced 3 person Tungsten Marmot tent. It features No-See-Um mesh, allowing for maximum privacy for tent occupants while also allowing those inside to see the beautiful night sky. It also features two doors and vestibules, making for easy access to the tent from both sides.

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