The Top 25 Ozark Trail Tents of 2017

Whether you're new to camping or have been at it for several years, almost everyone has heard of the wonderful Ozark Trail company. It's with this in mind that we bring you the best 25 Ozark Trail tents of 2017. From classic single-person camping tent to large, family-sized tents, we've found the perfect tent for your next adventure. 

25. 10 Person Cabin Camping Tent

The Ozark Trail Tents have many versions so let's start with the red cabin one that has three rooms and a front porch. The built in mat helps keeps the tent clean. It sleeps up to 10 people and still has room enough for your luggage. The tent weighs approximately 30 pounds. The three rooms have removable dividers so you can have the sizes you need. It features seven inside zip windows for ventilation. This tent has a lot of space and is easy to put together. Strong weather conditions may be a problem.

24. 3 Room, 10 Person Dome ConnecTENT Camping Tent

The Ozark Trail Tents has this 10 person dome red tent. this Ozark Trail tent connects three tents in one. It only weighs twenty-four pounds. It has seven doors and four windows and plenty of room for storage. This tent has an electrical port. Great for privacy. This tent is spacious, has lots of storage room and is easy to set up. This tent is good for all seasons.

23. 2 Room, 8 Person Cabin Tent 

The Ozark Trail Tents eight-person two room orange cabin tent comes with a carry bag. It fit up to eight people if they are all adults and sleep in sleeping bags. The poles come attached and the tent includes a rainfly. It weighs twenty-five pounds and is 13 feet by 9 feet. It is made of polyester and steel for durability. The tent is easy to set up.

22. 10' x 10' Sun Wall for Straight Leg Gazebo 

The Ozark Trail Gray Sun Wall is perfect for a straight-legged gazebo. It is 10'x10' and the weight is only one pound. This tent wall is great for keeping out strong winds, and the hot sun. The wall is made of durable polyester. The tent wall is waterproof and can be used with most 10'x10' canopy brands.

21. 8 Person ConnecTENT Dome Camping Tent 

The Ozark Trail Tents Dome red ConnecTent with Canopy is easy to set up and is 10'x10', and sleeps up to eight people if they use a sleeping bag. It has two windows and a mesh roof. The Ozark tent weighs twenty-eight pounds. It is important to note that the tent is 8'x8' and the canopy is 10'x10'. Each add-on tent sleeps up to four people but can be used alone. The canopy can be used without the tent, but the tent cannot be used without the canopy. It has mesh roof for ventilation.

20. 8 Person Cabin-Style Camping Tent 

The Ozark Trail Tents Orange Cabin Tent sleeps ten people and has two rooms. The tent is easy to assemble because the poles are attached. It fits two queen beds or ten people in sleeping bags. The tent is large enough to stand in and windows on every side. The tent has electrical cord access. The tent weight is around sixty-three pounds. This tent is durable and water resistant.

19. 9 Person Weatherbuster Dome Camping Tent 

The Ozark Trail Tents Weather Buster Dome Tent sleeps up to nine people. It has reverse slope windows to keep the rain out. A duffel bag is included for storage. It weighs over twenty-three pounds. The Ozark tent has an electrical cord access. This item seems to handle the wind very well, is very roomy and have enough storage space.

18. Blue Kids' Camping Dome Tent 

The Ozark Trail Tents Kids Camping Tent for boys only weigh five pounds. The tent is big enough for two adults and can hold up in the cold weather. The tent is small enough to be used indoors on a cold or rainy day, backyard camping outings, or even on a backpacking trip. This tent is great and durable for children.

17. 6 Person Instant Dome Tent with Carrying Bag 

The Ozark Trail Tents Instant Dome Tent that sleeps six is gray and orange. This Ozark Trail six-person instant cabin tent sets up easily. The tent can fit two queen airbeds or six people in a sleeping bag. The poles are pre-attached and weigh approximately 14 pounds. The tent has two windows, two roof vents, and a ground vent. Ozark Trail 6 person instant cabin tent has electrical cord access and carrying bag. The tent is made of polyester, steel, and fiberglass.

16. Ultralight Green Backpacking Camping Tent with Rainfly 

The Ozark Trail Tents Hiking Tent sleeps one. the tent is ultra light, green and easy to set up. The tent is 4'x7'. This is plenty of room for one person. The directions for setting up the tent are very easy to follow. The Ozark Trail tent is wind resistant and has an extra-long rainfly for storage.

15. 10 Person Outdoor Camping Tent with 2 Rooms 

The Ozark Trail Tents two room cabin tent sleeps up to ten people. It is easy to set up because the poles are already attached. The Ozark Trail tent is tan and blue. The tent weight is sixty-three pounds. It has a hanging gear organizer. This tent can be spacious with less than ten adults unless the adults are using sleeping bags. The height of the tent is ten feet, which makes it easy to stand up in. The tent has electrical cord access. This is a great camper.

14. Red 10 Person Cabin Camping Tent with 2 Rooms

The Ozark Trail Tents Red Family Cabin weight is fifty-one pounds. This is a strong tent and may take around fifteen minutes to assemble. The tent is very spacious and has enough windows for great ventilation. The center is up to eight feet tall. The hanging bag is on the inside of the tent which is great. The tent poles cannot stand a lot of wind.

13. 7 Person Large Teepee Tent

The Ozark Trail Tents Teepee sleeps up to seven people. The red and white tent is over 11 feet high. The tepee is easy to set up and four windows with screens. The tepee is cooler than the dome tent. The Ozark Trail tent can withstand high winds and is waterproof. The only drawback is the window flaps are on the outside.

12. 6 Person Instant Cabin Camping Tent 

The Ozark Trail Tents Instant cabin tent sets up in thirty seconds. Ozark Trail six-person Instant Cabin Tent has three windows and an electrical access port. This tent includes a carry bag. The tent is green, and weigh only twenty-one pounds. The rainfly keeps water out of the tent and it has a welded floor. The tent is easy to set up because it comes assembled, and it is reasonably priced.

11. Extra Large 12 Person 20' x 10' Camping Tent 

The Ozark Trail Tents orange tent that sleeps twelve people weighs fifty-two pounds. It is easy to set up, you just unfold and extend. It can provide up to three rooms with the dividers which are included and has windows on all sides. The tent is spacious but twelve adults will be a tight fit unless they will be sleeping in sleeping bags. The tent is sturdy and easy to put together.

10. Solar Heated Shower Tent with 5 Gallon Tank and Removeable Rainfly

The Ozark Trail Tents shower tent. This tent has a five-gallon solar heated shower. The two room shower has two windows. The shower is seven feet high. The extra room is for storage to keep clothes dry. This is too much like being at home.

9. 6 Person ConnecTENT for Canopy Attachment

The Ozark Trail Tents ConnecTent is for canopies. The ConnecTent has an E-port for electrical access, windows on all four sides and is spacious. This gray eleven pound ConnecTent is easy to assemble. It holds up to six people.

8. Extra Large 14 Person Camping Tent with 3 Rooms

The Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent comes in blue and orange. This tent is very spacious and easy to set up. The tent weighs about forty-eight pounds. This tent is not for backpacking but is great for car camping or for long adventures! The Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent is 20"x20". The tent also holds up in the rain and approximately fourteen people. 

7. 6 Person Grey/Blue Cabin Camping Tent with Rainfly

The Ozark Trail Tents Dark Rest Cabin Tent sets up in one minute. there is no assembly required. The Ozark Trail 6 person instant cabin tent has skylights with ceiling panels. The dark panel blocks the sunlight which helps you stay cooler. This tent is spacious and easy to assemble. The cabin style tent has three windows and hanging gear loft. The tent is sturdy and has a rainfly.

6. Shower/Changing Pop Up Tent 

The Ozark Trail Tents shower/shelter is a two-room space that easily assembles. This is a five-gallon solar shower. The second room can be used for extra space as well as drying off. The tent is easy to put up and take down because of its pre-attached instant frame. The tent has mesh paneling for ventilation and water drainage.

5. 4 Person ConnecTENT for Canopy with Windows

The Ozarks Trail Tents Gray ConnecTent for four people. This ConnecTent sets up in five minutes. Just add this to your 10'x10' straight leg canopy for a side room, camping tent or extra storage. You can add up to three tents to your canopy. The ConnecTent is easy to attach to the canopy. It is easy to set up and take down.

4. 10 Person Extra Large Cabin Camping Tent 

The Ozarks Trail XL Cabin Tent has three doors, six windows for ventilation, and taped fly seams. The tent is red and white, shaped like a dome, and the weight is thirty-one pounds. The cabin fits up to ten people. The height is over six feet, and very spacious, fitting eight adults easily. The tent is water resistant and has high-quality poles. The tent includes a carrying bag.

3. 4 Person Tent Included with 22 Piece Camping Combo Set 

This camping combo set by Ozark Trail is everything a first-time camper need. The tent sleeps up to four campers. It includes two sleeping bags, two pillows, two chairs, and a lot more. The tent is gray and orange and the weight is thirty-two pounds. The tent is easy to set up. The tent should only be used for the summer weather for it, and the sleeping bags are too thin for the winter weather.

2. Large 12 Person Cabin Camping Tent with 3 Rooms 

This Ozark Trail Tent has three room and can sleep up to twelve people. It is an instant cabin tent and sets up in minutes. The tent weight is sixty-one pounds and can be divided into three rooms. The cabin has seven large windows. The tent is very durable and has lots of space. The tent is 16'x16' and has an oversized ground vent that can fit an air conditioner. It also features a large front awning to relax under.

1. 8 Person Instant Cabin Camping Tent with Large Windows 

This Ozark Trail Tent sleeps up to eight people. The tent has a steel frame and is over six feet high. The orange tent weight is twenty-four pounds. The tent has great ventilation with the four windows and ground vent. The tent easily sets up but is not windproof.

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