Top 35 Pop Up Tents Similar to Cinch Tents

Here at Tentsy, we're absolutely head over heels for Cinch tents. It's with this in mind that we've decided to create our list of the top 35 best tents that are similar in style to Cinch tents. We considered tents in terms of specifications, optional extras, ease of use, retail price and basic features in developing this list. Enjoy! 

35. Coleman Sundome 3-Person Pop Up Tent Similar to a Cinch Tent

When compared to popularCinch tent features, the Sundome is one very efficient little pop up. With 33% water resistance, it protects from moisture better than other higher price Coleman standard tents. The listed retail price is $59.99 and inside there is enough space for up to four people; including sleeping capacity. The Sundome provides wiggle room inside and extra protection in inclement weather. The model specs are 9 by 7 ft. for the ground cloths (footprint protectors) and the tent measures, 4 ft. 11 in. Inside there are two nifty windows for great ventilation and for outside viewing. There’s a large door with flaps and welded seams to prevent outside moisture from seeping inside.

34. Ohuhu Instant Dome Tent for 3 People

As far as Cinch tent like features, there’s really isn’t anything to not like about the Ohuhu 3 Person tent. It has a listed retail price of $59.99, making it an excellent value, providing protection from both sun and rain. It’s great for traveling to outside venues such as concerts, festivals, camping or as a portable beach shelter. Quick setup, only takes a few seconds and the Ohuhu Instant is ready to use. Comes with four guy ropes and four supports, which pop into place. Although it's called a “3 Person” tent, can easily fit four. Or three with luggage or a full-size mattress. The model specs are 96.5" by 57" by 43.3." With a waterproof index to withstand light or moderate rain.

33. GrEco Kids Pop Up Tent

The lightweight GreEco Kids Tent Playhouse is portable like aCinch tent with easy set-up and quick storage. This colorful pop up tent is great as a playhouse for the kids. The listed retail price is $29 and it’s CPSIA Compliant; which means that it doesn't contain any heavy metal or lead. The model specs are 4' by 3.45' by 3.45.' And it comes in assorted colors and designs including pink, gray bear, 3 pieces mixed color and blue and yellow tiger. As soon as the tent is removed from the plastic bag, it pops open, ready for use. It features a child-friendly design, with removable Velcro door and roof.

32. Genji InstantUp Shelter Tent

Just as a Cinch tent does, the Genji Instant protects from the sun as an instant shelter on the beach or in the park. With a listed retail price of $42.85, it comes complete, ready to use as a pop up tent in 2 seconds. With a minimal takedown time of 5 seconds. It’s great for adults, pets, and children. The Genji folds down into a circle, which measures, at just 22 inches, it fits into a carrying case, stakes are included. The model specs are 82" long, 51" wide and 50” high. As a sun shelter, it offers UV50 protection, made of durable nylon with a strong metal frame to withstand strong winds

31. Quick Shade GO Hybrid Compact Canopy Tent

This Cinch tent styled pop up is a portable viewing unit. It’s not a fully enclosed shelter, only offers wind protection from the rear. This canopy styled pop up has a listed retail price of $ 77.42. The half panel wall provides perfect shade protection at outdoor daytime venues. Easy to travel with the Quik Shade Hybrid, as it comes in a polyester backpack bag. Includes half panel wall, canopy frame, and top. At only 14lbs. it’s lightweight enough to carry anywhere. Easy one button setup. The model specs are 7 by 7 ft. and it’s 5’ by 10” when fully extended with a clearance height of 4’ by 5.”


30. Portable Pop Up Beach Tent

The Cinch tent most liked feature is portability. With this pop up beach tent it surpasses the basic needs of portability. With a listed retail price of $27.88. This fun little tent comes completely assembled and is ready for use in seconds. The UV protection factor is enhanced by a special silver coating. Easily accommodates two to three people, with a very upscale look for a small price. It is designed to withstand strong winds. Has two sandbag pockets, for a greater degree of resistance. Can be used anytime an instant shelter is needed for camping, fishing, the beach or backyard fun. Model specs are 78.7" by 47.3" by 51." 

29. G4Free Outdoors Pop Up Beach Tent - Instant Cabana

You can’t pick better Cinch tent like features for the money. This outdoor portable instant shelter is packed with small details. These include an inside Bluetooth hook to hang speakers, storage pockets and heavy duty stakes. The listed retail price is $29.99. Outside there are sand pockets and it comes with a drop down cover. The model specs are 72” long by 55” wide, with a height of 50.” It is water resistant with a waterproof floor.

28. FiveJoy 4 Person Pop Up Tent Like a Cinch Tent

When it comes to a pop up that’s very much like a Cinch tent, this is a deluxe model. As the name implies, this tent comfortably accommodates four people. It makes an ideal instant dome for sporting activities, camping, fishing, hiking and as a sun shelter at festivals. It has a listed retail price of $149.00. As soon as the tent is removed from the package, it’s ready to use in seconds. The model specs are 5.9” by 78.7” in the tent area with the floor measuring 80” by 78.7.” With mesh windows and double doors; not advisable for heavy rains. 

27. Yazer Pop Up Tent

Cinch tent varieties include tiny details for comfort and durability. This is a pop up with the same features. The Yazer Portable makes a great sun shelter at the beach or for camping and fishing. It has a listed retail price of $27.88. The tent is made from lightweight waterproof material and has UV protection (50+). Model specs are 78.7" by 47.3" by 51." The waterproof floor is double seamed to keep moisture out. Has an upscale design, which is more pod-like than other pop ups. Comes with its own carrying bag.

26. iCorer Automatic Pop Up Outdoor Tent

This pop up is most like a Cinch tent. It has an open front, making it more suitable for backyard play or for beach goers rather than camping. The iCorer is designed to serve as a beach cabana. The listed retail price is $35.99. Offers UV protection with a silver coating. Provides a high level of ventilation, yet is sturdy. Model specs are 65” by 59” by 43.5.” Comes with a carrying case. 

25. Lucky Bums Quick and Portable Camp Tent

Having a separate Cinch tent for the children is ideal. Well, here’s a pop up that serves the same purpose. The Lucky Bums comes in three fun colors for the kiddies. It has a listed retail price of $35.99. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. There aren’t a lot of features because this pop up is designed as a play tent. It can be used for backyard camping. Provides adequate shade from direct sunlight. But doesn’t offer UV protection or wind resistance. Model specs are 80” by 50” by 36.” Pop ups in 30 seconds.

24. Ylovetoys Outdoor Automatic Pop Up Tent 

One fun thing about having a Cinch tent is rapid set up. This pop up is for children’s playtime. Ylovetoys designed this one strictly for the kids. The pink color has a listed retail price of $29.99 with additional colors for $33.99. Perfect for protecting from the sun at sporting events, the beach or in the park. Comes in a carrying pack for convenient portability. Provides Anti-UV for the coverage area. Inside area is spacious and there’s a privacy curtain. Model specs are 64.96" by 59.06" by 43.30." Pop up for use, fold for storage.

23. Winterial 2 Person Instant Tent

This is a pop tent with Cinch tent convenience for two people. It is an instant dome style tent for camping, hiking or fishing. Offers superior protection from both sun and rain. It has a listed retail price of $69.99. It collapses to fit into a nifty storage bag. Fully portable, the Winterial is perfect for all climates. Also suitable as a beach shelter, there’s enough room inside for two sleeping bags or pads. Model specs are 90" by 50" by 42."

22. Outsunny Easy Pop Up Canopy Party Tent - 10ft x 20ft 

How about a pop up that’s identical to a Cinch tent size. This 20-foot canopy has four walls and it's easy to detach them for full removal. The model specs are 10' by 20' and fully assembled it’s 232" long by 116. 5" wide. This pop up canopy is huge. It can be used as a wedding gazebo or outdoor venue for selling goods. The Outsunny is a high-quality pop up. Serves as a temporary outdoor shelter, not for long term use.

21. Quick Shade Expedition Instant Canopy

Much like the form of a Cinch tent, a pop tent can accomplish the same appearance. This is a basic pop up canopy with an open design. It has a listed retail price of $66.35. It provides 99% protection from the sun and offers superior shade. Strong construction with a powder coated steel frame. The model specs are 8.2” by 49.8” by 16.5.”

20. RIJER Automatic Portable Pop Up Beach Tent Similar to a Cinch Tent

Prevent sun damage with this lightweight portable pop up tent. If provides the same functionality as a Cinch tent for less. It has a listed retail price of $27.99. Completely folds into a circle for traveling and comes with a carrying bag. It easily accommodates 2 to 3 people. The model specs are 59” by 59” by 35.” It’s not suitable for camping or hiking because of the open front. This pop up is perfectly suited as a beach shelter.

19. Quik Shade Commerical Canopy Tent

Set up speed is something that’s expected with a Cinch tent. This pop up canopy has the identical ease. It can be ready in seconds. As a temporary shade spot, this open faced canopy is recommended for commercial use. It does have a single back wall. The listed retail price is $139.99. The Quik Shade provides protection for up to 12 people. Made from sturdy materials. Model specs are 10 feet by 10 feet.

18. Gazelle T4 Camping Hub Tent for 4 People

A Cinch tent can act as central hub for a group of campers. This pop up also serves as a camping hub. It sleeps four people comfortably. Quick and easy set up in 90 seconds. One of the unique features of the Gazelle Camping pop up hub is the completely detachable floor. It has a listed retail price of $229.99. Includes a rainfly, integrated poles and a 68” backpack carrying bag. As far as pop up up tents go, the Gazelle is incredibly spacious with model specs that are 80” by 94” by 94.”

17. Sundome 2 Person Tent by Coleman

As we learned, a Cinch tent can keep the interior dry even in heavy rains. This pop up tent does the exact same thing with an included rainfly. A rainfly that offers 33% more water resistance. This is a Coleman tent is fire resistant made for two people. It has a listed retail price that is lower than most tents. There’s a window vent and two windows and the model specs are 48” by 60” by 84.” Includes a flashlight hook to provide interior lighting and has its own carrying bag, comes with tent stakes.

16. Pop Up Camping Tent by TSWA - 3-4 Person

In addition to blocking harmful rays from the sun, a Cinch tent offers a place to relax. This pop up tent is very similar in function with enough room for 3 to 4 people. It has a listed retail price of $31.79. Made from ultra lightweight waterproof material. Offers extra interior pockets for storage. Instant dome for hiking, camping or beaching. Model specs are 78.74” by 78.74” by 51.18.” Comes with wind ropes, compressed bag, and eight nails. Offers moderate sun protection with a UV rating of 30+ also has double doors for increased ventilation.

15. Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This is a deluxe pop up, which comfortably accommodates six people. It features Coleman innovations, one of the best ones being the WeatherTec system. Has a listed retail price of $179.99. The Coleman tent is a pop up cabin and it’s excellent for large groups, family camping and outdoor excursions. Complete setup time takes 60 seconds. One of the patented abilities of the WeatherTec system is protection from heavy rainfall. Integrated ventilation offers additional interior air flow. Model specs are 10’ by 9’ by 6’ with a center height of six feet. Inside cabin space large enough for adults to stand.

14. 10 ft by 10 ft EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent

The best type of Cinch tent is one that can be used in a variety of settings. This pop up has the same capability. The EZ pop is an extra large size canopy, with tent walls. It has a listed retail price of $98.98. Offers easy storage and hassle-free set up. Usually, most pop ups can be set up with one person. Due to the size, this requires two people. Comes in its own handy bag with shoulder strap. Model specs are 10’ x 10.’ There are two walls, and two doorways that zip open and close. Includes metal stakes and bundle rope. UPF 50 protection.

13. MonoBeah Baby Beach Tent

A Cinch tent provides excellent sun protection for children. That’s also what you get with the perfect pop up. The MonoBeach cabana is an automatic sun shelter. This pop up offers ease of use and it’s designed to protect a baby’s sensitive skin from UV rays. It has a listed retail price of $35.99. For use at the beach or park, because of the open front. The extra large curtain can be dropped down for privacy. Has room for 3 adults or 2 adults and a child. The model specs are 65” by 59” by 43.5.” Comes with its own carrying case. Great for outdoor recreational activities. Specially coated fabric to block out heat from the sunshine.

12. G4Free Large Backpacking Tent for 2-3 People

A Cinch tent provides ultimate protection against the sun. This pop up in the class of a deluxe SPF/UV sun shelter. It provides space and sleeping capacity for 2 to 3 people. The large frame is suitable for long term use such as a backpacking and camping. This pop up tent has a listed retail price of $64.99 and it comes complete with a fiberglass frame. Folds up to a 31-inch circle and its own carrying bag. There’s a silver ANTI-UV coating of SPF 50+ and it has two large windows and double doors. Model specs are 95" by 71" by 39.” Includes hogan hook stakes and fiberglass poles.

11. Lightweight Blue 2 Person Tent

Pop up tents encompasses a diverse group of tents that are already assembled. This one has wind resistant features very similar to a Cinch tent. It has a listed retail price of $36.97. With a blocking coating, the Outdoorsman pop up is a popular beach shelter. This tent is designed to resist high winds and has three extra pockets for sand. It’s not for camping or hiking, due to the open front design, but it is great for the beach or backyard play dates. Comes with its own multi-use carrying pack. Model specs are 1.18” by 17.72” by 17.72.” There are extra pockets for storage.

10. Under the Weather XL Pod

Whenever you talk about Cinch tent features, versatility is a must. The same goes for pop up tents. The zip in and zip out one person tent, the Under The Weather Pod is perfect. It has a listed retail price of $129.99. The clear front is designed to look futuristic, but it provides 270-degree viewing. This is a lightweight, portable pod with stakes, a matching backpack, which is a detachable roof and carrying case all in one. The model specs are 48" long by 48" wide by 58" height.

9. Coleman Instant Canopy Sunwall Tent

When choosing a pop up with Cinch tent quality, Coleman makes it simple. This is an instant canopy which functions as a sun shelter or camping tent. The listed retail price is $33.10. It has taped seams and a sewn in groundsheet. Fast setup and extreme portability. The model specs are 86.5” by 47” by 37.5.” Comes with tent pegs and guy ropes.

8. Milestone Dome Tent for 4 People

This is a two-person pop up tent with Cinch tent style. Pops up in seconds, an easy one person job. With a 2000HH (Hydrostatic Head) it is perfect for light rain but isn’t suitable for heavy rain. It has a listed retail price of $33.10. Not for extreme sun, is great as a backyard playhouse or as shade at outdoor venues. Includes carrying bag, guy ropes, and ground pegs. Model specs are 37.5” by 47” by 86.5.” 

7. Youth Portable Camping Tent for 3 People

Looking for Cinch tent reliability in a pop up. Well, this portable youth tent is what you’re looking for. It has a list retail price of $32.99 and comfortably sleep, three people. This pop up provides quick set up for bug-free, roomy portable shelter. With a mesh skylight and French window, both of which can be easily unzipped. The model specs are 5.6” by 50” by 51.2.” Included are 4 heavy duty ropes, 8 metal spikes and carrying bag. Is wind resistant.

6. Best Choice White Canopy Tent

A Cinch tent comes in handy as a portable shade spot. This is the kind of comfort you’ll experience with this pop-up. Lightweight with a silver waterproof interior cover; this canopy blocks 99% of UV rays. Also has a special rust prevention coating, making it withstand any type of weather conditions. Reliable convenience is what comes to mind, with a listed retail price of $64.95. Model specs are 115” long by 115” wide and an inside height of 95 to 102.” Provides the perfect accompaniment for wedding guests, and is great for recreational and business events.

5. iCorer Automatic Pop Up Tent

The SPF is one of best features, similar to a Cinch tent. With this pop up tent, there’s enough room for 2 to 3 people. It can serve as a beach shelter or as a standard sleeping tent for beaching, camping or hiking. The listed retail price is $65.98. It has outstanding, innovative ventilation with a top skylight area and two roll up doors and two large windows. It’s a very spacious pop up tent. Model specs are 39.4” by 70.9” by 94.5.” This tent is very portable, but it isn’t ideal for areas with heavy rainfall. It also can be used as a children’s playhouse. Carrying case included and the tent folds into a 31-inch circle for storage.

4. G4Free Outdoor Automatic Pop Up Cabana

Though it’s usually a Cinch tent that provides multiple uses; pop ups can hold their own. This automatic outdoor pop up tent is a great buy, with a listed retail price of $32.99. The detail that’s most impressive is the 50+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). It quickly pops up or down. It is designed as an XXL size pop up tent, with the capacity to fit 2 to 3 people comfortably. Offers the best in wind resistance with two built-in sandbag pockets. It comes fully assembled, ready for the beach, the park, fishing, camping or as a temporary shelter at the lake. Model specs are 78.7" by 47.2" by 51.2." Provides the maximum UV coverage.

3. LingAo Hiking Tent - 2 Person

Cinch tent convenience for a small price. This is an open face styled pop up tent. It is perfect for hiking or beach use. The listed retail price is $23.49 and this tent features an innovative design. Inside there’s enough room for two people or one person and a cushion or chair. Perfect for relaxing in the shade at backyard pool parties, sporting venues or at the park. Comes fully assembled, pops up in seconds. Easy to pack and fold, also makes a great companion for backpackers. Provides 30+UV protection and it comes with a compression bag with carrying straps, fiberglass pole, nails and wind rope. 

2. 10 ft by 10 ft Canopy Tent

Extravagance is not a necessity, especially when comparing this basic pop up with Cinch tent features. This doesn’t function as a heavy duty canopy, but it does offer instant overhead coverage. As a basic pop up it provides 99% UV, for maximum sun protection. Stay shielded from the sun, while enjoying 96 square feet of shade. Model specs are 10 feet by 10 feet, measures 98.4" by 120" by 120.” The listed retail price is $89.99. Is shipped in a black storage bag and it’s factory assembled, comes with stakes, frame and canopy. Doesn’t offer protection from the elements, suitable for attending weekend outdoor sporting games. 

1. Coleman 2 Person Pop-Up Tent like Cinch

This Coleman pop up is most like a Cinch tent. It comes in multiple sizes, as it the standard of the product line. The listed retail price is $65.88, with multiple persons capacity tents all the way up to $674. The tent pop ups into an instant cabin, sleeping arrangement fits two people comfortably. Strong construction, resists both wind and rain. Inside there’s enough room for two Coleman twin sized skinny mattresses or two camp pads. The model specs are 7’ by 6” and 4’ by 5.” Has a center height of 2’ by 11.” Excellent pop up for weekend camping. Sets up in 10 seconds comes with already assembled poles.

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